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UF/IFAS Hydroponic Veggie Workshop
"Made in the Shade" Wednesday, 5:00 pm

LIVE OAK, FL – The UF/IFAS Suwannee Valley Agricultural Extension Center near Live Oak, FL will be offering a three hour hydroponic vegetable program on July 23.

The popularity of hydroponic gardening continues to grow. Hydroponic gardening is growing plants in a water and nutrient solution without soil.

Hydroponics allows you to grow plants, fruits and vegetables in a more efficient and productive manner, literally anywhere, with less labor, time and gardening area. Hydroponic gardens can be grown indoors, outdoors, and even in cramped quarters, using several different methods. These methods include growing plants in containers of water or in other soil-less mediums, including sand, crushed rock, gravel and vermiculite.

The UF/IFAS program called is called “Hydroponic Veggies: Made in the Shade.” It will help farmers and homeowners interested in learning about using open shade structures to extend their vegetable production season.

Learn How

Read more about hydroponic gardening

The workshop will feature training in an actual operating shade production area and greenhouses.


Topics include: hydroponic systems for summer growing; shade technologies; selecting appropriate cultivars for shade production; water and nutrient management; and business and marketing strategies.

Where & When

Thursday, July 23, 2015 from 5:00 PM to 8:30 PM (EDT) Live Oak, FL.

Need more info?

Call Dilcia Toro or Karen Hancock at (386) 362-1725.

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