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Indiana-Style Discrimination in Florida?

TALLAHASSEE, FL - Only weeks after the Florida House of Representatives overturned a ban on gay adoptions, that same branch of government is trying to pass a law that grants private adoption agencies the right to steer children away from same-sex couples based on religious beliefs.

The so-called "Conscience Protection" bill is sponsored by state Representative Jason Brodeur (R-Sanford), who wants to protect religious freedom and says it holds up constitutionally.

"Homosexuals are not a protected class, they're not a suspect class, they're not a quasi-suspect class," says Brodeur. "They're a rational basis class, which receives the lowest level of scrutiny and certainly discrimination involving religion receives a much higher level. So, it has been upheld that this should be a good constitutional case."

Critics say the bill is designed to discriminate against same-sex couples wishing to adopt. Several of them stood up against the law during discussion in the House Judiciary Committee last week and said it was designed to echo Indiana's controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

State Representative Dave Kerner(D-Lake Worth) represented the opposition, filing an amendment designed to gut its religious provisions.

"If you're an adoption agency that is going to discriminate against people with different sexual orientations than you, then get the heck out of that business," Kerner says. "The answer isn't to legislate discrimination. This is 2015. It has got to stop at some point."

Despite objections, the committee approved the bill and is now ready for a vote by the full House. The good news for opponents, the legislation has no sponsor in the Florida Senate and thus isn't likely to become law before the session ends in four weeks.

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On April 11, 2015, RS from Lake City wrote:

Not withstanding the proposed legislation, “"Conscience Protection", making it’s way through the Florida Legislature, my thoughts turn to the child (children) that are being adopted. Who speaks for them as it regards to how they feel and how their lifestyle will be viewed when they enter that age where all their classmates come to realize that “Johnny” / “Jenny” has two Fathers or two Mothers.

Do they, the adopted children, have a point in their lives where they can voice their objection to having to live in a Homosexual environment?

It is wrongheaded to think that the child will be accepted by his/her peer group at the formative years in their lives.  It is just plain wrong.  We are taught in the Bible to love the sinner but hate the sin.  This will become evident in the child’s life when he/she decide to form and accept his/her religious beliefs.



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