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Scott Leading Crist In AARP Voter Survey

TALLAHASSEE, FL - With the Florida primary one week from today, Governor Rick Scott has a slight lead over Democratic opponent Charlie Crist, according to a survey released Tuesday by AARP Florida.

Of the likely voters polled in the survey, one in five reported they may still change their minds. AARP Florida state director Jeff Johnson says the outcome in November could come down to which candidate best addresses the concerns of senior voters.

"We hope the candidates for governor are going to recognize that rather than simply attacking each other on petty things, they need to focus on who has the better vision for Florida," says Johnson.

In addition to Scott and Crist, two additional candidates are running on the Republican and Democratic tickets.

Half of those surveyed age 50 or over say they have deferred retirement because of financial concerns, or plan to do so. The same survey found 82 percent of those polled say a candidate's position on jobs and the economy will be key in deciding who to vote for.

Johnson notes that nearly six in 10 of those surveyed say their incomes are falling behind their cost of living.

"Voters 50-plus are very financially insecure," he says. "They're concerned about their future, and reporting they're having trouble keeping up with inflation."

The survey also found a majority of voters favor a Medicaid expansion, a plan that state legislative leaders oppose. The survey was conducted in late June and early July of this year.

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