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Tea Party Gears Up for RNC

TAMPA, FL - After being pushed back a day by Hurricane Isaac, the Republican National Convention will kick into full gear today, but the Tea Party faction already has been busy, holding a Unity Rally in advance of the convention. Taking place at a Tampa mega-church, the rally included speakers such as one-time presidential candidates Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann. 

Tea Party
Republican Nat Convention
Michelle Bachmann

Dan Johnson of Kissimmee, who was one of the rally attendees and characterizes himself as a Christian and a conservative, says he feels President Obama is a threat after hearing a Romney attack ad that said Obama has removed the work requirement for welfare.

"Wiping away the need to work to receive any welfare. That is wrong and is what is ruining America today."

That anti-Obama ad was later debunked by the media.

Michele Bachmann, 2010. Photo: Fibonacci Blue

The Tea Party is largely credited for returning the House of Representatives to Republican control two years ago.

Tea Party figure Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota also was on hand and congratulated Tea Party supporters for influencing the Republican agenda.

"Now I'm here tonight to say thank you and take a bow, because if you've been watching the Republican Party platform this week, the Tea Party has been all over that platform."

Bachmann says she credits the Tea Party for setting the budget tone in the GOP platform. 

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