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CCFR Rescues Itty-Bitty Baby Horse

Fire Chief David Boozer keeps his eye on the recently rescued foal. Kien Cade stands in the hole from which the foal was rescued.

COLUMBIA COUNTY, FL – At approximately 12:50 pm yesterday afternoon the Columbia County 911 Center received a rather unusual 911 call from a property owner: a week old foal was trapped in a 4 to 5 foot deep hole in a pasture off SW County Road 240.

The foal in the hole. A small sink hole had opened up the the pasture and he walked in and ended up stuck, head down. CCFR gave the foal oxygen in the hole.

The owner advised that he had attempted to rescue the foal but was unsuccessful and the foal was in serious distress and would probably die if not rescued.

Dispatchers at the 911 Center contacted Columbia County Fire Rescue and asked if they could assist in rescuing the horse.

Columbia County Fire Rescue crews from Stations 45 and 48 responded and found the horse in serious distress. One of the firefighters knew a local equine veterinarian, Dr. Natalie Lamneck of High Springs.

The CCFR crew is all smiles as they await the vet. Chief Boozer begins packing up the equipment.

The owner, Jim Curry, with the fireman.


Dr. Lamneck was contacted and responded to the scene.

In 25 minutes the firefighters extracted the foal from its predicament.

He was treated by Dr. Lamneck and reunited with her mother.

At 4:30 pm  both the foal and mother were doing fine.

Dr. Lamneck told the Observer that the foal was a week old Friesian.

Photos and most copy provided by CC 9-1-1 and Jim Curry

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On August 13, 2016, Debbie Garbett from Lake City wrote:

I've always said "firefighters are angels in bunker gear." They are wonderful. Always ready to go the extra mile and very underpaid.

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