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County 5 Spends $335,000 for New Landfill Dump Truck – Why? An Electrical/AC Problem

County's used dump truck brings $40,900

COLUMBIA COUNTY, FL – The County 5's November 19th Commission meeting set a record for funds approved on a County Consent Agenda: $4,114,811. Buried in the Consent Agenda was the approval to accept a $40,900 bid for the County's used landfill articulated dump truck, which according to Public Works Director/Division Manager/Asst. County Manager, Kevin Kirby, had outlived its usefulness because of "electrical problems." (Photo: example of articulated dump truck)

On November 19, within the mass approval of the evening's record setting consent agenda, was a bid for the County's surplus articulating dump truck. Cross Environmental Services bid $40,900 for a piece of heavy equipment that they were going to use.

The other bidders appear to be equipment resellers. The bid document provided didn't include the address of the bidders. The County Manager didn't put any additional material in the packet of information provided to the County 5 and the public. If The 5 asked for additional information, it wasn't in public.

Two Bites at the Apple: no public curiosity.

This memo was all that was provide for the $335,000 decision.   Click to enlarge

The County 5 had two bites at the apple to publicly ask for a rundown of the necessity to replace a $300,000+ piece of County equipment that was apparently still capable of doing its job.

In the October 15, 2015 Consent Agenda, Mr. Kirby claimed, in an October 6 memo, the Landfill dump truck "air conditioning system needs replacing." He did not explain what that meant, nor did he give the cost.

None of The 5 asked.

Mr. Kirby also claimed "numerous electrical problems that we have been unable to get resolved." This apparently had been an ongoing problem.

None of The 5 was publicly curious why Mr. Kirby couldn't get those problems resolved.

Then, Mr. Kirby advised of the need to purchase a new Landfill dump truck for $335,781.

The 5 were still not curious.

The lowboy was similar.  Click to enlarge

The Lowboy 2008: where it began

This is not the first time there have been issues with equipment replacement at public works.

In 2008, shortly after Mr. Kirby was hired, the County decided to surplus a $60,000 heavy equipment trailer that sources claimed didn't need replacement. There was also other County equipment that went on the auction block that was privately questioned.


The County Manager goes over the agendas with each member of The 5 in private.

The County 5: you can change the heads, but the body remains the same.

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