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DePratter and Boyd make last stand at 9-12 Project
Part I – Rusty DePratter – County Commission Candidate

This past Thursday evening, October 28th, Rusty DePratter, candidate for County Commission Dist. II and Debbie Boyd, candidate for State Representative District 11 appeared for the last time before the public to make their presentations and answer questions.

Terry Rauch
Terry Rauch, a few moments after telling folks, "I trust my leaders."

The meeting kicked off with Terry Rauch, the apparent next republican county chief, giving a ten minute rundown of the state wide amendments. When Mr. Rauch reached the Florida Hometown Democracy Amendment 4, he announced that he voted against it.

He told the 912 audience, "I trust my leaders." Mr. Rauch paused, appearing to realize what he said and added as an afterthought, "To make decisions of that sort."

Next, the candidates for Columbia County Commission, Dist. II

Project 912's John Lacquey
Project 912 chairman, John Lacquey, telling the group that Marc Kazmierski was a no show because he had to work.

Rusty DePratter, the number one vote getter in the primary showed up. Marc Kazmierski, the pick of the county good old boys was a no show.

The 912 Project had scheduled Mr. Kazmierski to appear weeks before and Mr. Kazmierski had agreed to attend, only bowing out a few days before the event. His excuse was announced by 912 Project Chairman John Lacquey: "Mr. Kazmierski told us he had to work."

During the primary campaign, Mr. Kazmierski said his schedule was flexible and he would not have trouble attending county functions, as he only worked "two days a week." It appears that Mr. Kazmierski's schedule isn't quite that flexible.

Rusty DePratter – Dist II County Commission Candidate

Rusty DePratterMr. DePratter seems to be getting his sea legs when he is in front of the public. He told the group, "I believe in doing what's right to the best of my ability... I decided to run for county commissioner because I didn't like what I saw."

Mr. DePratter continued: "I had a lot people ask me, 'What are you going to be able to do?'"

Mr. DePratter answered his own question: "All I know is I'm trying to figure out what a county commissioner does do. I haven't promised anybody - anything... I know that a county commissioner has to vote to spend your money. My decisions aren't going to be made by looking over at the County Manager and saying - what should I do?"

Mr. DePratter will learn that the action happens before the meetings.

Mr. DePratter shared this thought: "County commissioners work for all the people, not just the people in their district. I have friends in all the districts - my goal is to not let anybody down."

The regulation of the private county utilities has become a big issue lately, resulting in the squandering of more tax dollars.

Rusty DePratterThe Observer asked: "Do feel that the county should continue to regulate the private utilities, which so far has cost the county tens of thousands of dollars , or do you think we should let the public service commission regulate the private utilities, which doesn't cost the county taxpayers anything?"

Mr. DePratter: "I want to answer correctly - I don't know... from what I see, you can't make any money in the utility business - not in the private sector.  That's why counties take them over."

Mr. DePratter concluded by asking folks to vote for him and thanking the 912 Project for inviting him. 

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