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9-12 Project • North Central Florida
meets, organizes and elects officers

912 Project plays to a packed house

The Friday night, May 1st 9-12 Project monthly meeting played to a full house at the Vineyard Church in Lake City. Over a hundred people attended the meeting with folks coming from Alachua, Suwannee and Gilchrest counties, as well as Columbia County. Those in attendance came from all walks of life and varying educational backgrounds: air conditioning mechanics, school teachers, salesman, professionals, retired folks and even a former Wisconsin Magistrate.

President Twanya Means

Ms. Tawnya Means, who later on in the meeting was elected President of the group by acclamation, began the meeting by announcing to the enthusiastic gathering that they were now “officially” the North Central Florida 9-12 Project.

Before introducing the first speaker, Ms. Means went over the list of nine principles. There was moderate applause as she read down the list. When she read number nine, “The government works for me. I do not answer to them, they answer to me,” a respondent chord was struck and there was a loud round of applause.

John KnappThe first speaker of the evening was Mr. John Knapp. Mr. Knapp gave a brief talk, entitled, We have to raise our horizons, on what he saw as the breakdown in the democratic process, referencing P.J. O”Rouke’s international best seller “Parliament of Whores.” Later in the evening, Mr. Knapp was elected secretary of education.

Ron AustinMr. Ron Austin, organizer of the up-coming march on Tallassee, was next up and explained some of the details. The March is scheduled for May 16th at 12 noon. If you are interested in attending or helping, Mr. Austin can be reached via e mail at ronaustin@windstream.net.

Kevin Catalfu Mr. Kevin Catalfu announced his June 13 seminar at the Main Columbia County Library in downtown Lake City. He explained that the course is given by the National Center for constitutional studies and that he needs fifty people. (For more information click here).

Ms. Means again took the microphone and explained that the organization is looking for a Memorial Day celebration to support and that she is looking for a place to hold a picnic on June 14th, Flag Day. She said, “Bring your families and food to share.” She said she is looking for suggestions for a location.

Ms. Means also mentioned that she is considering having the 9-12 group march in the July 4th parade in Branford and also getting a booth.

Ms. Means reminded the group, as she did throughout the evening, “We are not against anyone person.”

Pete CollinsColumbia County resident Pete Collins, secretary of communications, told the group, “I’m excited and incensed. This is the kind of energy we need.” He mentioned that he was paying half his paycheck in taxes and didn’t think that was right.

Bob ParnellMr. Bob Parnell, the group rep for the constitutional studies group spoke a little bit about the constitution. He said the Second Amendment is the most important amendment, mentioning that if we didn’t have the second amendment we might not have the constitution. He said, “We have to go by the constitution while we still have it.”

Susan Baan

Ms. Susan Baan, the group rep for national legislation, told the gathering that she thought the nation was in trouble and held up a dvd of the film, The Obama Deception, and encouraged all to see it, copy it and pass it around.

Jan Touchton Before the gathering broke into groups, Mr. Jan Touchton, one of the organizers of the April 15th tea party, clutching the mic, explained that he was nervous and that it didn't make a difference as he told the group, “I was in the air conditioning business. Now I’m a political activist.”

Time will tell how far and how long the political activism of the 9-12 projects will endure.

The great American inventor Thomas Edison said, “"I never did anything worth doing by accident, nor did any of my inventions come by accident. They came by work."

On Saturday morning, during a brief conversation with Mr. Knapp about the meeting, he told the Observer, “Most of the people there were my age or older (59). Where were all the young people? They are the ones that stand to lose the most.”

The work of the 9-12 Project has just begun.

The officers of the North Central Florida 9-12 Project are:
-       President (Tawnya Means) tsmeans@gmail.com

-       Secretary of Membership (Sharon Higgins)
-       Secretary of Finance (Brenda Parnell, Barry Fitterman)
-       Secretary of Events (Afton Markham)
-       Secretary of Communications (Pete Collins)
-       Secretary of Web (Terry Gray)
-       Secretary of Education (John Knapp)

For more about the local 9-12 North Central Project and May 1st meeting see Tony Britt's story in the Lake City Reporter.