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Commissioner DuPree puts Sheriff on the spot

DuPree's truck on Grass - again

Columbia County Commissioner Jody DuPree just doesn't get it. At county budget workshop number one on July 22nd, he parked his truck on the grass next to a Sheriff's deputy car at the school administration building.

Commissioner DuPree - file photo
Commissioner DuPree - file photo

Now, eight days later, he outdid himself.

Demonstrating an arrogance and lack of respect for public property and the law, Mr. DuPree parked on the grass again at the county's second budget workshop on July 30th. This time, Commissioner DuPree parked right next to Sheriff Hunter's personal white pickup truck, a vehicle well known to everyone.

Sheriff Hunter, who has established himself as a Sheriff who is really trying not to play favorites, was visibly upset when this was brought to his attention during a break in the budget hearing.

The Observer asked the Sheriff, "Would it be OK for your daughter to park on the lawn."

Sheriff Hunters said no, mentioning that it wouldn't be OK for him, either.

The Observer left a message for the Superintendent of Schools, Mike Milliken regarding the DuPree incident.

The Superintendent, always courteous and diplomatic, left a message on your reporter's phone saying that he knew nothing about the incident and that maybe a janitor gave Mr. DuPree permission to park on the grass.

During a discussion about Mr. DuPree's manners, one county employee said that he/she knew Mr. DuPree's father and Mr. DuPree certainly didn't learn that behavior from him.

Another county employee told the Observer, "You don't see him parking on the lawn in front of the Courthouse, do you?"

Not yet.

(Names withheld for obvious reasons -- editor