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Floridians for Reproductive Freedom Denounce Gov Scott After Legitimizing Fake Women's Clinics

Polling Places Were on Tap at County 5 Last Night Budgets, Voting Machines, Churches for Voting

Governor Scott's LSHA Board Votes to Subsidize CHS, America's Largest Hospital Corporation

Grieving Parkland Parents Urge Nation to Follow Florida's Lead

Columbia County Economic Development: FPL's Simmons Breaches the Taboo, "Living Wage" Jobs

FL Legislature Passes Sweeping Gun Bill, Sends to Governor

911 Combined Comm Breakup on Hold -  DePratter Puts on the Heat, Sheriff Hunter Backs Down  Pt II

Sheriff Hunter, Com Nash & Williams Ignore Facts, Want to Breakup Combined County Dispatch - Pt I

City Manager Search to Resume
Moses Wants to Reach Beyond FL Border

FEA Urges Removal of Firearm Firms' Stock From Teacher Pension Plans

City Manager Search Getting Back On Track, Mayor Witt Calls Special Meeting for Monday Night

Take a Hike with the Doc: Get Lucky, Find a Flowering Herb

Pro Gun FL Legislature Considers Gun Reform Bill

Lake City, City Manager Search: "Off to a Bad Start," Glenel Bowden

Opponents Warn Offshore-Drilling Announcement is Sign of What's to Come

In Light of Parkland Mass Shooting Columbia Cnty 5 Refuses to Ask for Cease Fire

Man's best friend rescued - then becomes boys best friend

I Love My Southern Roots, But --- The South Needs to Rise Again

FL Gas Fell 3.5¢ Last Week: Up 21.8¢ from same day last year

FL Senate Removes Plan to Arm Teachers, Keeps Option for Staff

FL Legislature Split on Texting-While-Driving Ban

FL Community Health Centers Thankful for Federal Funding

Oh, Florida!
How America's Weirdest State Influences the Rest of the Country

FL Could Issue Gun Permits With Incomplete Background Checks