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WEATHER:  Today & Tonight

National Hunting & Fishing Day Around the Corner Take Time to Enjoy Florida's Natural Resources  

FPL Columbia County Solar Farm Under Construction

Auditor-Acct-Financial Advisor Abandons Ship  Then Gov's Board Rolls Back Proposed Increase

5:15 pm Tonight: Lake Shore Hosp Auth Unelected Republican Board on tap to Raise Taxes 61%

For the Cnty 5 & Sheriff Hunter, It's Time to Regroup: No New Taxes – New Jail on Hold

Budget Time Tonight for the County 5: After 1 Year, Chairman Murphy's Leadership Leads to Confusion

It's Budget Season in Columbia Cnty: Tonight - Lake City, then - the County 5, LSHA, CCSD, SVTA

New Florida Park Service Website Launched Redesigned to Educate & Help Plan Trips

County Election Results Made Easy

County Jail: Average Daily Population Exaggerated, Misinformation, Over Budget on the Drawing Board

County 5 in Budget Limbo: 3 county budgets to be presented at 1st budget hearing on September 6

Governor & Candidate Rick Scott: Finances, Irma, Pay to Play and More: Another Controversial Week

Adam Putnam Let His Donors Get Away With Spraying Pesticides on Their Workers

Rep Gubernatorial Candidate DeSantis Robbing Voters of Debates with Dem Gillum: Why?

Rick Scott: The Most Secretive Florida Gov in Modern Times

Today’s College Students Are Paying More for Less: America Can Do Better

New Aquifer Alert System Unveiled

FDOT: Road Ranger Service Expands on I-10

Florida Com on Ethics Elects Guy Norris Chair

Key Takeaway From Trump-DeSantis Rally: "Bad for the Republican Party”

Fake Women's Health Centers' Petition Balks at $4 Mil Approp

Homicide Suspect Arrested in North Carolina

Trump: The Most Anti-Woman President Ever