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WEATHER:  Today Tonight

County 5: $107,000 in Water Lobbying Contracts Rubber Stamped for Nonexistent Group

SVTA:  County Commissioners Nash and Bashaw Vote to Cover-Up Hijacked Minutes

Badgegate: Facts & Figures Don't Add Up at the Lake Shore Hospital Authority

SVTA: Live Oak Bus Route Failing – Needs of Columbia County/Lake City Ignored

LSHA - $5,000 for a badge ID program, $1,500 for the camera • Procurement: What's That?

After a Throw of the Dice, 4 Judges in 2 Courts Agreed, the LSHA Broke the Public Records Law

Attny Bobby Case about importance of the decision: Pt II

Columbia County Economic Development: Confusion 101 "What's goin' on?"

Lake Shore Hosp Auth Threw the Dice, 1st DCA  Upheld Public Records Law & Public's Rights

The inside story of the LSHA decision to appeal: Part I

Lake City Waterfront Redevelopment Tonight:
Will the Public Be Shutout Again?

Bear Hunt Opponents Vow to Fight On

Lake Shore Hosp. Auth.: Public in the Dark – $300,000 Later, Public Records Still an Issue

Tonight, Gov. Scott's & Jack Berry's Lake Shore Hosp. Auth.: What's going on is anybody's guess

Florida's Black Bears in Hunters' Sights Starting Saturday

City Manager Johnson Backs Down on Utility Outsourcing: City Workers Safe Through Christmas

City Manager Looking Into Gutting City Workers Packed Utility Committee to hear Last Minute Info

Man's best friend rescued - then becomes boys best friend

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They Pander the Repulsive to the Bigoted

Bill Day's Latest Cartoon

LCPD's Marshall Sova: Exceptional Service

Florida Ethics Enforcement on the Move: Up to a D-minus from an F

They Don't Sell Bear Meat at Whole Foods

Lake City Gas Still Above $2, Other FL Cities Fall Below

Rick Scott Should Stay Out of Hospital's Business

FL Has Never Ceased It's War On Nature: The Latest Front – Bears

Development Runs Rampant Without State Controls

Another FL Special Session: It's Just Like Xmas – Minus the Joy

NRA Has Gone All the Way Down the Rabbit Hole