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WEATHER:  Today & Tonight

Valdosta Wastewater Spills Floating Into Florida – Barring an Act of God – A Thing of the Past

Graphic showing how much SPOLST public funding, $150,145,207 was raised by Valdosta

Downtown Lake City Revitalization Hot Topic at City/County Meeting - LSHA: the Gorilla in the Room

Tomi Brown registering votersTomi S. "Stinson" Brown Running for Columbia County Supervisor of Elections

Commissioner Rocky Ford (left) and Mayor Ronnie Frazier in front of one of the at the end of their life water storage tanks in Fort White.Fort White Water Woes: A Municipal Water System That Is a Disaster Waiting To Happen

Tonight: Jefferson Set to Ask City Council for $17,828 in Legal Fees When He Ran For City Council

Developer Tim Williams (standing) makes his presentation. Seated: (left to right) Asst. Cnty Manager David Kraus, Chairman Murphy, Econ Dev Dir Glenn Hunter, Cnty Attorney Joel Foreman.Part II: Columbia Cnty Econ Dev Tim Murphy Style Taking Care of His Friends – Ignoring the Rules

Pt. I:   Columbia County Econ Dev – Wanted – Public Tax Dollar Incentive for Private Condos

Senator Rob Bradley and Representative Chuck Brannon during a light moment at the legislative delegationColumbia County's Legislative Delegation Hears From Its Elected/Appointed Officials and Citizens

Lead Graphic: Photo of Matt Hersom, Newberry City Commissioner.NCFRPC Chair, Robert Wilford, Ends Long Tradition of Allowing Public Questions of Guest Speakers

Board members left to right: Charlie Keith, Chairperson Virginia Johns, Virginia SanchezGovernor DeSantis Left SRWMD Holding the Bag: Dept. of Revenue Ran Cover for the Governor 

City Manager Joe Helfenberger with Assistant City Manager Vince AkhimieAssistant City Manager Start Date Delayed:
"The best laid plans of mice and men..."

Santa Fe River turtle by Jennifer Adler; addidional copy reads Santa Re River turtles could decrease 70% due to pumping and falling water levelsSanta Fe River Turtles: Environment in Peril

Suncoast Extension Arrives at TDC: Chamber Director Looking for 'Money' for Study – Sort Of

Vince AkhimieA Lot Is Going On In Lake City: Meet Vince Akhimie – Tonight – New Asst. City Manager

Photo of Jay Swisher with an explanation of Clerk of the Court dutiesJames "Jay" Swisher Running for Columbia County Clerk of the Court

Last hours of the Deepwater HorizonIs Florida Protected from Offshore Drilling?

Richard Powell read the LSHA budgetLSHA: Sitting on a Cash Stash of Millions, Gov's Bd Unfamiliar With Expenditures Lowers Tax Rate

Lake City Approves Budget, Holding the Line on Taxes, Fire and Garbage Assessments

Dorian: Columbia Cnty, the State, FHP, Lake City, etc. – Prepared for the Worst – A Sigh of Relief

Charter Review: CRC Spinning Its Wheels - Turmoil & Interrogation - No Review of the Charter, 'Yet'

Governor Declares State of Emergency, Urges Floridians to Prepare for Hurricane Dorian

Vince Akhimie, Engineer, Certified Public Manager, Utilities Expert, Chosen to be Asst. City Manager

Waste Pro / City Trash Saga Heading Down to the Wire:  Roll Offs & Recycling Are the Issue

Lake City Garbage Woes: Will Low Rates and Pickups Continue Uninterrupted?

City Residential Garbage On Tap Monday Night: Residential Rates May Be Heading Up – Way Up

Lead graphic: Hepatitis A is serious busines. Blackboard written over and over again, "I must wash my hands."Hepatitis A: FL Dept of Health Elevates Hep-A from an Advisory to Public Health Emergency

Clear the Shelter Day at the Lake City Humane Society: Kittens & Cats - Free - Plus More

Charter Review: Com. Murphy Interfering Where He Has No Business; X-Com DuPree Shifts Gears

Columbia County Schools – Teachers With Guns – Not Now

Pre-Filed 2020 Florida Legislation Decriminalizes Possession of Small Amounts of Marijuana

City Manager Declares War on Cyber Attacks – Fortifying City IT: It Will Be Expensive

Assualt RifleDeSantis Administration Argues to Block "Assault Weapon Ban" 2020 Const. Amdt.

Florida Senator Lauren Book Withdraws Bill Seeking to end Religious Exemptions for Vaccines

County 5 Honor FL State Trooper George A. "Andy" Brown, III: Killed in the Line of Duty

Some Things We Should Not Have To Discuss With Our Kids – Ever

Four Petition Proposals Halfway to Qualifying for 2020 Ballot, Including $15 Minimum Wage

Photo of Florida Panther with copy: Proposed federal law has bipartisan support in house. Would help protect endangered Florida wildlifeNew Bill Could Help Protect Florida's At-Risk Wildlife

Suncoast Expansion Nixed by the Next Generation After NCFRPC Executive Com. Nixes Discussion