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WEATHER:  Today & Tonight

Duke  Estimates Hurricane Michael Could Cause 100,000 to 200,000 Power Outages in Florida

Storm Tips & Safety Reminders

County Management Put Katie's Girls At Risk, Recreation Czar Dragged Feet Lighting Fields

Councilman Jefferson Receives 20 Year Service Award From Florida League of Cities

Chairman Murphy's False Claim Regarding Sheriff's Jail Capacity Remarks – Jail Project Not "Killed"

Unprepared, the City Appeared before the TDC $300,874  Short for the Lake DeSoto Waterfront

National Hunting & Fishing Day Around the Corner Take Time to Enjoy Florida's Natural Resources  

FPL Columbia County Solar Farm Under Construction

Auditor-Acct-Financial Advisor Abandons Ship  Then Gov's Board Rolls Back Proposed Increase

5:15 pm Tonight: Lake Shore Hosp Auth Unelected Republican Board on tap to Raise Taxes 61%

For the Cnty 5 & Sheriff Hunter, It's Time to Regroup: No New Taxes – New Jail on Hold

Budget Time Tonight for the County 5: After 1 Year, Chairman Murphy's Leadership Leads to Confusion

It's Budget Season in Columbia Cnty: Tonight - Lake City, then - the County 5, LSHA, CCSD, SVTA

New Florida Park Service Website Launched Redesigned to Educate & Help Plan Trips

County Election Results Made Easy

County Jail: Average Daily Population Exaggerated, Misinformation, Over Budget on the Drawing Board

County 5 in Budget Limbo: 3 county budgets to be presented at 1st budget hearing on September 6

Governor & Candidate Rick Scott: Finances, Irma, Pay to Play and More: Another Controversial Week

Adam Putnam Let His Donors Get Away With Spraying Pesticides on Their Workers

A Convicted Murder's Opinion: The Case Against Amdt 4 on Felon Voting Rights Restoration

Rep Gubernatorial Candidate DeSantis Robbing Voters of Debates with Dem Gillum: Why?

Rick Scott: The Most Secretive Florida Gov in Modern Times

Today’s College Students Are Paying More for Less: America Can Do Better

New Aquifer Alert System Unveiled

FDOT: Road Ranger Service Expands on I-10

Florida Com on Ethics Elects Guy Norris Chair

Key Takeaway From Trump-DeSantis Rally: "Bad for the Republican Party”

Fake Women's Health Centers' Petition Balks at $4 Mil Approp

Homicide Suspect Arrested in North Carolina

Trump: The Most Anti-Woman President Ever