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WEATHER:  Today Tonight
Today's comment concerns the Op-Ed, "My Boobs, should they stay or go?" C from Tampa wrote: As one who has recently had to wrestle with that decision, I know it's not an easy one...

Florida High School Graduation Rates: Up

Blanche Million $ Loan Goes Down 3-2
Next Up: City Manager Johnson's Fall Back Plan

Commissioner Scarlett Frisina was again the swing vote.

The Blanche – The County Million $ – The County 5 Tonight: "To be or not to be? That is the question"

The Great Lake Shore Hosp Auth Land Give-a-way Financed by Columbia Cnty Tax Payers, City Scores

Contract Expires This Week for Postal Workers

Blanche Redevelopment Confusion: Com. Nash, "Everybody should get in a room and air it out"

Lake City: Looking for a Consultant for its Downtown Community Redevelopment Area

Sitel Bringing 700 Full Time Jobs to Lake City
Job Fair Monday, May 18

City Manager Johnson's Thursday Appearance At the County 5: It was not to address the Board

The Lake City Reporter Got It Wrong

Frisina Swings the Vote, Blanche Ducks a TKO
Lake City, County, Developer Regrouping

The Blanche Ducks a TKO
Lake City, County, Developer Regrouping

The Blanche Tonight:  Will Wendell Johnson's $17 mil Lake City Legacy Survive the County 5?

COLUMBIA COUNTY, FL – Tonight, after multitudinous meetings with the Assistant County Manager, Ben Scott, and County Economic Development Director, Glenn Hunter, Columbia County's infamous County 5 will decide whether or not to front Lake City at least a million dollars on the derelict Blanche Hotel. Secrecy and secret finances were a hallmark of City Manager Wendell Johnson's time at the now mostly defunct dismal failure, the $30 mil North Florida Broadband Authority, of which he was one of the financial kingpins. Johnson now is the driving force in Lake City's Blanche project, one that has ballooned from $13.5 mil to $17 mil in seven months.

FL Rep. Matt Gaetz Tweet: Racist Content Impossible to Miss

Gov. Scott's Contempt of Court Must Be Stopped

Tainted FBI Evidence Puts Florida Convictions in Doubt

Experts: Team Up to Support Kids with ADHD

Lake City's Gulf Coast Financial Awarded Small Business of the Year

Posted April 25, 2015  12:01 am

LAKE CITY, FL –  Local financial practice, Gulf Coast Financial Services, Inc. (Gulf Coast), was recently awarded Small Business of the Year by the Lake City-Columbia County Chamber of Commerce.

'Skunkie' Patriarch Passes Out in Small Claims Court: "Lake City Reporter put me over the edge"

Posted April 24, 2015  08:15 am

Man's best friend rescued - then becomes boys best friend

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FL & National Gas Rose 3.5¢ Last Week. FL Average $2.65

Proposed Florida Bear Hunt Not Scientific or Humane

Why Do Republicans Favor Death Penalty So Much More Than Dems?

My Boobs: Should they stay or go now?

Big Shug & Rick Scott's Minions Poison Land Deal & Amendment 1

Gov. Scott Puts KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) Principle to Work in Healthcare Debate

Every Kid Needs a Family: Annie E. Casey Foundation

FL Gas Prices Have Not Moved In the Last Week: Average $2.61

Tougher Ozone Standards Needed to Help Floridians Breathe Easier

Gov. & FL Republicans: Winning "War on the Poor"

Life Is Sweet for Bees in Florida

FL Presidential Hopefuls: A Bumper Crop of Crazy

The Unavoidable Subject of Stupid

Slackers in the FL House Leave 800,000 Exposed

Ignore Fracking Charge: Support Common Sense Oil & Gas Regs

Medical Marijuana Amdt. Could Sway 2016 Presidential Election