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Take a Hike with the Doc: Get Lucky, Find a Flowering Herb

Pro Gun FL Legislature Considers Gun Reform Bill

Lake City, City Manager Search: "Off to a Bad Start," Glenel Bowden

Opponents Warn Offshore-Drilling Announcement is Sign of What's to Come

In Light of Parkland Mass Shooting Columbia Cnty 5 Refuses to Ask for Cease Fire

LSHA Meeting After 3 Month Hiatus: Is a full time Exec Dir/Manager Necessary or Desirable?

Florida Job Growth Grant Fund–Surplus?
Next: Murphy May Ask for "the Sky"

Lake City Charter/City Manager Confusion
A Diversified Applicant Pool Not Restricted

City Manager Search Halted, Job Posting Withdrawn, Council Regroups, Charter Confusion

County 5 Borrows $8 Mil for Admin Building: Plans, Location, Space Needs – Unknown

County 5 Gives Sheriff Hunter's Spending of Public Dollars Aftersight Instead of Oversight

LSHA Board Remains "Free, White and Over 21" as Gov Scott Appoints 2 to Vacated Seats

State to Pay $3mil for Rail Spur to Former Inland Port, Now the Intermodal Mega Site: Maybe

Combined Communications: It Was Clear, Sheriff Hunter Was Interested in Power (Part IV)

Sheriff Hunter: He Wants To Bust Up the Combined 911 Call Center (Part III)

Columbia County 911 Combined Communications The Law, Background, Facts (Part II)

Columbia County Sheriff Mark Hunter: He Wants to be In Charge – Of Everything (Part I)

Berry's LSHA Vanity Signs Now Front & Center $45k plus for signs - $738,000 plus for property 

Environmental Groups Question Motives for Florida Drilling Exemption

Man's best friend rescued - then becomes boys best friend

FL Gas Falls 6.6¢ - 27.7¢ Higher Than Last Year

FL Community Health Centers Thankful for Federal Funding

Oh, Florida!
How America's Weirdest State Influences the Rest of the Country

FL Could Issue Gun Permits With Incomplete Background Checks


Clean Energy Advocate: Trump is Manipulating Solar Market

FL Groups Concerned Over Possible "Gifts" to Payday Lenders

This Year’s 2018 County Chairman’s Appointments

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Affordable Housing Crisis in Florida