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Today's comment concerns the $15k ($46,500 proposed) anti panhandler campaign: "Leave the panhandlers ALONE..."

Bill Would Require Conceal-Carry Applicants to Receive Training, Finger Prints Retained

Piston in hand

Who Is the Boss – City Attorney or City Manager? City Council Decides Tonight: 'To pay or not to pay'

City Attorney Fred Koberlein, Jr. and City Manager Joe Helfenberger

County 5 Pledge $15,000 for an Anti Panhandler Marketing Campaign Without Seeing a Plan

Proposed Columbia County, Florida County Jail.Sheriff Hunter's New Jail (Hunter-Hilton):  $10 Mil Over Budget Before Leaving the Drawing Board

Endangered Species Sensitive to Climate Change Lack Protection

City Manager Joe Helfenberger hold a  poster board.A New Downtown Lake City City Hall: 3 LSHA Gov Appointees Will be the Deciders on LC's Future

solar pannels at sunrise with copy: Florida's energy companies - do they want energy efficiency?Florida Groups Urge Utility Regulators to Boost Energy Efficiency

Hail To The Chief – Thoughts for Veterans Day

City Attny Koberlein vs. City Manger Helfenberger: Which Way Will the City Council Go?

FL's Saint Leo University Ranked No. 1 in U.S. in Best for Vets Colleges 2020

Panhandlers: Councilwoman Moses & Com. Witt Want to Throw Tens of Thousands $ Without Data

$15 minimum wage will be on 2020 Florida ballot with picture of 5 and ten dollar billsMinimum Wage Proposal First to Qualify for Florida's 2020 Ballot

Florida Ex-Felon Voting Rights Remain in Limbo With Amendment 4 Fed. Ct. Ruling

woman smokingFL Poll Confirms Support for 2020 Measures Legalizing Marijuana – But Which One?

First Amendment Foundation Chooses New President to Succeed Legend Barbara Peterson

Graphic showing how much SPOLST public funding, $150,145,207 was raised by ValdostaValdosta Wastewater Spills Floating Into Florida – Barring an Act of God – A Thing of the Past

Downtown Lake City Revitalization Hot Topic at City/County Meeting - LSHA: the Gorilla in the Room

Tomi Brown registering votersTomi S. "Stinson" Brown Running for Columbia County Supervisor of Elections

Cost For Turkey Dinner in FL Lowest Since 2010: Only 8 Cents of Every Dollar Goes to Farmers

Without Medicaid Expansion, Florida Sees Increase in Uninsured Children

FL Sen. To Vote On Removing Sheriff In Precedent-Setting Special Session

Florida Senator Lauren Book Withdraws Bill Seeking to end Religious Exemptions for Vaccines

County 5 Honor FL State Trooper George A. "Andy" Brown, III: Killed in the Line of Duty