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Lake City's Mainstream Media Rakes Mayor Over the Coals: Sends Message to New City Manager

EDAB's Charlie Keith: Wants Lake City to Commit to Increasing Its Public Works Department

Hunter Hilton Part III: Sheriff Hunter "Trust Me" Chairman Murphy Still Fighting the Civil War

LCPD City Manager Investigation: Bkground Check or Stassi Like Police Overreach?

New City Manager's Contract Ready for Prime Time This Monday Night

City Hall, The Bricks Are Falling Down
O'Neal Roofing Estimates Repair at $296k

New Decals Support FL’s Manatees & Sea Turtles

The Nonviolent American Revolution Which Led to the 4th of July Celebration of Independence Day

Lake City Reporter Gets It Wrong Again: "It wasn't a roadblock," Councilman Jefferson

Last Man Left Standing: Helfenberger Stars at the "Meet & Greet" the City Manager Candidate

Voodoo Economics: Financing the Hunter Hilton, Just Not Easy to Explain (Part II)

County 5 Agree: Pay Raise on Tap for All County Employees for New Budget Year

County 5 Took Its Road Show to Dist. I to Promote the New Hunter Hilton (Jail) & Extort New Taxes

Murphy Looking for Aviation Acad Ans: Calls for Carswell, Barrett, HAECO to Appear at Committee

The Race for City Manager Now Down to Style & Substance In a Dead Heat: It's Helfenberger v Judd

City Manager Search, Next Up The Interviews – Will the Semifinal 5 Begin With a Clean Slate?

Aviation Academy Crash Lands: North Central FL's Rural Poor Take It On the Chin, Again

Trump: The Most Anti-Woman President Ever

The Presidential Pardon Power:  What If Trump Offed Melania?

Oath To Uphold the Const.: Is it Job One? Haspel's Nomination – Not Just About Her

Here We Go Again: a shooting, a white male perpetrator, a rejection, victim-blaming

Interrogations: Gina Haspel (CIA) - Adolf Eichmann (SS)

LSHA: County Residents Should Be Able to Send a Message to the Legis 'Keep it or Dissolve It'