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Earthjustice Supports the President: Immigrants will have put the food on our Thanksgiving tables

Environmental Activist Asks County 5:
Will You Ban Fracking in Columbia County?

Posted November 21, 2014  07:50 am

COLUMBIA COUNTY, FL – Columbia County's County 5 met last night in a two hour plus commission meeting. A large part of the evening was taken up with conversations concerning water: the kind you drink – flush – play in, water conservation, springs protection, and the gorilla soon to be in everyone's room, Amendment 1: what did you really vote for?

Paula Vann Takes the Helm of Columbia County's TDC: A new era begins

City Manager Wendell Johnson Recommending Lifting Utility Impact Fee Moratorium – Tonight

Gov. Scott's Lake Shore Hosp Auth Board Chooses an Attorney:  No RFP, No RFQ, No Advertising

Lake Shore Hosp Auth: Authority Manager Berry Keeps Authority Out of Compliance

The Environment Got 1.4 Million More Voters Than Scott: Now Is the Time for Vigilance

Lake City's Last Chance Hotel, the Blanche
Plans On the Way to the Columbia County 5

Posted November 7, 2015  07:45 am (1 comment)

Columbia County Sheriff Mark Hunter Gets $140,248 Free Pass From the County 5

Posted November 6, 2015  06:30 am

No Rest For the Weary: Eyes on FL for 2016

City Manager Johnson: Working on a Plan to Raise the Blanche Hotel From the Dead

FL Const. Amendment 3: "partisan political power grab of Florida's judiciary at the highest level

Crony Capitalists Have Control Over the Government, Stock Market, Mass Media

Columbia County Firefighter Promotions:
"Now You See Em' – Now You Don't"

Posted October 30, 2014  03:15 pm | Updated 05:30 pm

Florida's Monarchs On the Move

Epidemic Freaking Me Out: But What If Stupidity Is Airborne?

Impact of Affordable Care Act: Health Care Costs Down

Medical Marijuana Supporters Continue Fight for Amendment 2

Vann Clan Has Big Month: Land Give-a-Way; Lien Goes Away; Nephew's Wife Gets Big County Job

Columbia County – New Peyton Place?

Posted October 21, 2014  10:21 pm | (1 comment)

FL Low Wage Airport Workers: Ebola Concern

Happy Birthday Clean Water Act: Legislation Turned 42 Saturday

Tourist Development Council Meets - Number 4 Pick Recommended to The 5 - Nobody Smiling

Posted October 16, 2014  09:21 am

COLUMBIA COUNTY, FL – Yesterday's high noon meeting of the Tourist Development Council (TDC) gave no surprise when the TDC was presented with a choice to either buck up against the County 5 (The 5) again, and seek a qualified TDC Director with tourism, sports, and vacation experience, or to go along with The 5's flexed muscle appointment of Paula Vann, the daughter-in-law of one of Columbia County's premier good ole' boys, Marc Vann.

Lake City Branded: "Gateway to Florida" Changed
Committee Approves Logos & Signage

Lake Shore Hosp Auth: Berry Calls Cops - Again
LCPD: "They can kick out whoever they want."

Lake Shore Hosp Auth: Jack Berry Takes Credit  Lake City Reporter Prints Lie

Ex Employee: "You published lies in your paper"

North FL Broadband Authority:  The Termination   Bad Feelings – No Kind Words – Broke

County Economic Development Advisory Board  Talks of Tennis – Double Faults Into Disarray

Posted October 9, 2014  09:35 am

COLUMBIA COUNTY, FL – Yesterday's Economic Development Advisory Board (EDAB) meeting double faulted into a meltdown of disarray as the members questioned the purpose and direction of the Advisory Board. Newly hired Economic Development Director, Glen Hunter, who had been under fire for being involved in meetings regarding grandiose plans for a tennis center, tried to clear the air without much success. In a bizarre action, Mr. Hunter asked the EDAB to approve the 2015 Economic Development Budget, a budget which had been approved by the County 5 last month.

North Florida Broadband Authority
$30,000,000 Stimulus Project On Death Row

North Florida Broadband Authority:
Lake City Manager Wendell Johnson Recommends 'Abandon Ship'

Man's best friend rescued - then becomes boys best friend 

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Obama's Executive Order Could Affect Up to 900,000 Florida Immigrants

Bill Day's Latest Cartoon

Rhana "Corporations are not people" Bazzini Passed Through Ft. White

Nov. 20, 2014  12:40 pm

COLUMBIA COUNTY, FL – Rhana, "Corporations are not people," Bazzini passed through Fort White yesterday on her mission to call attention to the corrupting influence of corporate money on the electoral system. “Corporations are not people and money is not speech”, ...

Lake City's Blanche Hotel: Another Pruitt-Igoe?

Pipes vs. Parks: Did Voters Envision Sewage Plants When They Voted For Amendment 1?

Helping FL's Youngest Residents - A Family Affair

FL & Nat. Gas Price Falls Again: FL Average $2.91

FL Is Number 1 in the Election Cycle – Surprised? More Money Spent Than Any Other State

445,000 FL Children Uninsured

Painting Rick Scott Green
We aren’t that stupid – I hope

It's Halloween: Expert Tips to Keep Kids Safe

Commonality of Ferguson, Sanford, Tallahassee
Those Paid To Control Crime: The Police

A Tenured Professorship For FSU's New President: The Height of Hypocrisy

FPL Seeks Public Funds to Fight Clean Water Rules

Crist's Electric Fan: Did it short circuit Scott's reelection plans?

"Koch Sisters" Use Notorious Name as Platform

County Jail Gets New Customers

Bogus Allegations:
The Injustice of Guilty until Proven Innocent