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FGC $22 mil Budget Presentation a Bust: Staff Gets Raises - Kitchen Workers Get 'Zero-Zip-Nada'

FGC President Lawrence Barrett eats in the cateteria off clean plates, but doesn't think the kitchen help should earn a living wage. Neither does the governor's board. Addittional copy reads: No raises for these folks. Food service: dishwasher $8.25, chashier $9.00, cook $10.50

Florida Gateway College Mystery. Who is in chargeFlorida Gateway College President Off to Alaska – Who Is In Charge? Nobody's Talking

Photo: Lake Okeechobee. Copy: Lake Okeechobee - green slime on the way, feds suedLake Okeechobee: Toxic Algae Blooming, Feds Sued

City Hit by Cyber Attack: Was it the "Triple Threat," Inadequate Malware Protection, Human Error?

Image: St Augistine National Cemetary; copy: Representative James Grant, Republican Tampa: "A direct democracy is for other places - not Florida."Citizen Initiative Advocates Lobby Governor To Veto 'Anti-Democratic' Citizen Petition Bill

left: Donovan Preedon; right: Austin BagbyChampions of Science Add Value to Florida Gateway College Board Meeting

Lake City Reporter: Lake City's Mainstream Media Runs Fake News HeadlineFL Supremes Nix 15 Words in Cnty Charter, Rest of Charter OK - Elections Are Going to Change

Photo of board workshopFGC Budget Prelude: May 14 Workshop Was In Good Measure Unintelligible, Budget: $21,805,664

image of jigsaw puzzle: lake city looking for the right fit, assistant city managerLake City Assistant City Manager: The Search Is On, Salary Range 81k to 130k

flattened globe showing route between Florida & IsraelFlorida-Israel: Trade Between Sunshine State & Jewish State Booming

SB 7068 - Toll Road Bill, A Hot Topic at Planning Council: Opposition is Out of the Gate Early

Photo of white nationalist roger wiggins addressing the Lake City, City CouncilWhite Supremacy vs. Public Opinion in City Hall: Morph Into Race Baiting by the Lake City Reporter

Gas Tax Redux: Lake City Reporter Bails Out Nash, Blames Williams for Talk of Gas Tax Increase

Com's. Nash & Williams Looking to Raise the Gas Tax, Com. Witt "I will not support a raise in taxes"

Florida Cabinet Meets in Jerusalem

Without Medicaid Expansion Florida Lags in Maternal Health

Opponents of FL Turnpike Bill Vow 'War on Toll Roads to Nowhere'

Sturgeon Returning to the Suwannee & Jumping