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WEATHER:  Today & Tonight

Disaster Recover Center Opens for Four Days Beginning Today In Lake City

Groups Urge Probe Into Scott's Role in Nursing Home Deaths

Pt I:  Meeting Attendance Double Standard
No Problem for the Columbia County 5

PT II:  When Cnty Coms Are MIA From Bd Mtngs, "It's None of Your Business," Com Tim Murphy

Katelyn Potter Presents the SWIM Program
It's Your Water – You Can Contribute to the Plan

County 5 Abandoning Downtown Lake City: No Hearings, No Strategic Plan - Borrowing $10 Mil

Alligator Warrior Festival
Kicks Off Tomorrow and Runs Through Sunday

FEMA Deadlines For Disaster Recovery Assistance

Irma Pt III: Some Reports of Flooding Never Saw Daylight – What Did The 5 & Top Brass Know?

Irma Pt II: Public Outrage, Non-Responsive Public Officials, Passing the Buck, County Not Talking

Debris at Record Volume, Resident's Not Advised of Extended Pickups, Thousands Squandered on Ad

"Lie of Omission": City Manager Johnson Fires Back at Lake City Reporter Editor, Robert Bridges

Stormwater Fee Ordinance Adopted
Working Mom Waits for Stormwater Vote

Blanche: After a Vote of No Confidence Redevelopment Options Unwrapped, But Not Public

Lake Shore Hosp Auth:  Manager Jack Berry & 2 Gal Staff Make Last Minute Score in Budget Season

FL Risks Backsliding on Children's Health Coverage

After Irma, Solar Power Helped Keep FL Shining

Columbia Cnty Residents Funding Astronomical Admin Fee @ $3,561 Per LSHA Client + Med Costs

Bridge on U.S. 27 Over Santa Fe into High Springs is Now Open: FODT at 3:23 pm, Sunday

Santa Fe River Receding – Only Bridge on U.S. 27 Over Santa Fe Still Closed in Columbia County

Santa Fe River Receding Slowly – Bridges Still Closed – South End Residents Can't Leave County

Blanche: One by One They Came to the Mic, But the Deal to "Walk it Back" Was Cut Before the Meeting

Columbia Cnty's Mainstream Media & the Blanche: Twisted Facts, False Praise (Part II)

Col Cnty's Mainstream Media and the Blanche: Fake News, Twisted Facts, False Praise

Blanche Update: Lease Cost Up $1.7 Million, City Manager Johnson, "That's not unusual"

Lake City to Internet Cafe Owners: You Are Guilty Until You Prove Yourself Innocent

Internet Cafes Columbia County: The State Attorney Will Have the Final Word, For Now

Comment Period Ending for Offshore Drilling

Man's best friend rescued - then becomes boys best friend

Meeting Calendar
Don't be confused - Find links to agendas

FL Average Gas Price Stuck for the Past Week at $2.40 gal

FGC's Lawrence Barrett: Good News at FCG - Still Work to be Done

First Amdt Foundation: Grave Concerns About FL Constitution Privacy Proposal

County Should Help Restore the Blanche

Lawmakers to Seek Answers as Florida Nursing-Home Death Toll Rises

Patriotism Is More Than Flag Waving

Florida's Hard Choices After Mega-Storm

Hollywood Hills Deaths a Horrifying Outrage

Richard Corcoran's Tourism Threat Isn't Bluff

DeVos Avoids Visiting Public Schools in FL's Capital

Mr. Speaker, "Thank you for your support of transparency and ..."

Pardoning Arpaio: The Power Is Not the Right

Bureaucratic Rule Puts Critical Health Care Services to More FL Uninsured in Jeopardy

FL Set to Resume Executions: 1st White to be Executed for Killing a Black Man

Why (CRAs) Community Redevelopment Agencies Have to Go

Heading For a Defining Showdown in the Battle Against Hatred