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WEATHER:  Today Tonight
Homeless County 5 Last Night
A sound system so bad that the Clerk, who sits 12 ft away, must put a tape recorder next to the Chairman's tonsils in order to find out what he said at the meetings.

Columbia City Park: A Chance to be a Showplace or Another County 5 Screwball Screw-Up

                                                                       (Photo: Thomas McDonald for the NY Times)

$1,325,000 Econ Dev Incentive On Tap At County 5 Tonight: Minimum Wage Unclear

Econ Dev: Extenuating Circumstance, Late Notice, Lack of Agenda Keeps Public in the Dark

Scheduling Difficulties Keep Public Off-Balance
City Dropping the Ball: "That's the way it goes"

Environmental Groups Sue FPL Over Pollution at Turkey Point Nuke

Lake DeSoto Deforestation Complete, "Chainsaw" Jack & Gov Scott's Hosp Auth Board Silent

Cnty 5 & Cnty Management Ratchet in $2,000,000 Slush Fund: Sunshine Law, What's That?

Florida College System Scholar Student of the Month, FGC's Jamie Weaver, a Single Mom

Brexit, Where Belief Trumps Facts and Reality: Just Make Stuff Up

No Fireworks Allowed in Florida's National Forests

Clean Energy Plan Will Cut Electric Bills

One of FL's Top Economists Talks About FL's Economy: "Really good for some parts of Florida"

Columbia County Workforce Development Summit On Tap for September

LSHA's "Chainsaw Jack" Claimed Vindication Before Clear Cutting Began

Union Cnty Farmers Employ BMPs to Increase Yield & Help Environment

SVTA: Special Meeting Called for Administrator's Pay Raise: "We'll Advertise It Right, Next Time"

Another 2d Rate Audit Presentation Fit Only for the Blind: General Fund Reserves Down $3.2 Mil

Man's best friend rescued - then becomes boys best friend

Meeting Calendar
Don't be confused - Find links to agendas

The 2016 Republican Convention: Yesterday's Weirdness — Tomorrow's Reason Why

Trump: The Beginning of a Movement?

Florida Travel Up - Gas Going Down: Av $2.14

FL Leg's Must Commit to Budget Transparency & Accountability

Bribery, Corruption, Influence Peddling: The Supremes Don't Get It

Rick Scott's Breathtaking Hypocrisy On Water Pollution

FBI May Have Cleared Hillary Clinton: So That's That? Not Exactly

At DCF "The Sun Don't Shine"

Donald Trump in Scotland
Playing the Ugly American

What If My Supervisor Does Not Develop Me?

Coalition Calls for Spec Leg Session on Gun Control

Airport Workers Call Job Conditions Dangerous, Unsafe