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Ted Yoho Town Hall Columbia County: The Congressman Impressed Supporters and Doubters

Posted April 22, 2014  07:35 am

COLUMBIA COUNTY, FL – Last night Congressman Ted Yoho came to Columbia County. The audience was filled with supporters, fence straddles, doubters, and the curious who had never seen a real live United States Congressman. Congressman Yoho, a large animal veterinarian, had not spent his life at the public trough, worked his way through school and after becoming a veterinarian spent 28 years being one. He didn't like the direction America was taking and ran for congress. This November he is running for his second two year term.

4 Years After Opening Fort White Library in the Woods Gets Outside Lighting: What took so long?

Posted April 18, 2014  08:15 pm

COLUMBIA COUNTY, FL – Last night after almost 4 years of inaction, The Columbia County 5, The 5, finally decided to pay to put lighting in the Fort White in the woods library parking lots. Dedicated in a private "invitation only" ceremony for The 5, some County staff, and County royalty in November 2010, the parking lots have remained unlit. The County claimed it couldn't afford the lights. During the intervening years, The 5 spent millions on anything they felt like, such as the $28k-$100k on the Boondoggle in the Boondocks debacle, or an outright donation of $80,000 to the Lake City Chamber of Commerce for a three year study to determine what you are thinking about before you buy a six pack of beer.

The County 5: Another New High or Low
Discovers Library in the Woods is in the Dark

Posted April 17, 2014  08:35 am | news/analysis

Feds Net Illegal Traffickers of Florida Marine Life: US Attorney Prosecutes Michigan Residents

Today is Federal Tax Day: Floridians No. 15 on List of Federal Tax Payers

Murder Suspect Captured

Murder Suspect at Large

FL Reviews Sentencing Law for Juveniles:
A Punishment That Fits the Crime

In Favor of 5¢ County Gas Tax Hike: Bubba Twelvepack Comments

County 5 Chairman Ronald Williams In Favor of 5¢ County Gas Tax Hike: 4 of The 5 Silent

Lake City to Name New Pavilion In Honor of Legendary City Attorney Herbert F. Darby

City Manager Johnson Looks for Council Approval to Anoint Code Enforcement Special Magistrate

Columbia County 5: Violate FL Law Then Approve 12th Hr. $500,000 Plus Real Estate Deal

The rule of law is what Florida's infamous good ole' boys say it is

The County 5 Tonight: Buried in the consent agenda tax incentives to an anonymous company

FL DOT: High Mileage Cars Affecting Revenue

Enterprise Florida's Wasteful Spending Needs to be Investigated

Last Day for Public Comments to “Free Lolita”

$18 mil Proposed Public Safety Communications Upgrade: Not Worth the Paper It's Written On

Some FL Pharmacies Dispensing Contraception Misinformation

Better Late Than Never: City Manager's Due Diligence Saves Lake City Taxpayers Almost $9k

WARNING: Lake Shore Hosp Authority's Jack Berry wants to know who you are if you make any comment about him, seemingly anywhere. If you don't care use your regular email. If you do, get an anonymous account. Jack Berry wants to take the Columbia County Observer off the air. Update on law suit coming soon. Beware, Jack Berry is a public official that can't take heat. He will come after you. With a little help from his friend's on the Governor appointed LSHA Board, public comments and photo's were banned.

Man's best friend rescued - then becomes boys best friend 

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Bogus Allegations:
The Injustice of Guilty until Proven Innocent

Compensating Wrongly Convicted James Richardson

FL gas up 19.6¢ from a month ago - Up 29.2¢ from a yr. ago

CareerSource Florida Crown
(Florida Crown Workforce Board)

Audit Services: Invitation to Negotiate

Outlook for Spring Gas Prices

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio
Update April 5, 2013

Report Shines Light on Racial Disparities for FL Children

US Senator Bill NelsonU.S. Sen. Bill Nelson
Update April 3, 2013

Multi State Car Thief & Burglar Caught in Lake City

FL Water Protection: Proposed Rule Would Close Gap

Spring Cleaning in Florida
Get Rid of the Clutter

Significant Incidents