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WEATHER:  Today & Tonight

Clear the Shelter Day at the Lake City Humane Society: Kittens & Cats - Free - Plus More

Charter Review: Com. Murphy Interfering Where He Has No Business; X-Com DuPree Shifts Gears

Columbia County Schools – Teachers With Guns – Not Now

Pre-Filed 2020 Florida Legislation Decriminalizes Possession of Small Amounts of Marijuana

City Manager Declares War on Cyber Attacks – Fortifying City IT: It Will Be Expensive

Assualt RifleDeSantis Administration Argues to Block "Assault Weapon Ban" 2020 Const. Amdt.

Columbia County Charter Review Commission 2020Charter Review 2020: CRC Meets – Revving Up to Get Something Done – Looking at Rules

Photo of an iron fist with Commissioner Tim Murphy's face in the fistNo Questions Allowed: Commissioner Tim Murphy Suspends Rules for Florida Gateway College Brass

Tips: Preparing Youngsters for School

Combined graphic showing Jennifer Anchors, Ron Williams, Jr., homeless personCounty's United Way Is the Homeless Coalition: "The problem is getting worse," Ron Williams, Jr.

Commissioner Ronald Williams (left) - Mayor Steve Witt (right)Columbia Cnty – Lake City Homeless/Panhandlers:  "Too Big of a Problem – We Need a Joint Effort"

Some Things We Should Not Have To Discuss With Our Kids – Ever

Four Petition Proposals Halfway to Qualifying for 2020 Ballot, Including $15 Minimum Wage

Photo of Florida Panther with copy: Proposed federal law has bipartisan support in house. Would help protect endangered Florida wildlifeNew Bill Could Help Protect Florida's At-Risk Wildlife

Suncoast Expansion Nixed by the Next Generation After NCFRPC Executive Com. Nixes Discussion