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RiverFest 10th Anniversary Celebrates-Educates about the Santa Fe River & Environment

Glenel BowdenCRC 2020:  Call From Sheriff Hunter?  Bowden Tells the County 5, "I don't carry nobody('s) water."

CRC, Feb. 13, Part III: Chairman Robert "Rambo" Lane Refuses to Answer – Ethics Confusion

CRC, Feb. 13,  Part II: Overstepping Its Bounds, Working Without Legal Authority

The Columbia County Charter Review CommissionColumbia County Charter Review, February 13 – Part I: A Past of Openness & Inclusion Discarded

Florida Senate - House Set to Exchange Proposed Budgets

Columbia County Florida - 2nd Amendment Sanctuary on a background of gunsColumbia County Joins 2nd Amdt. Sanctuaries - Sheriff Hunter Silent on Raising Arms Against Feds

Graphic: Image of Justice Potter Stewart with the quote: "Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do."Lake City, City Council Says 'Yes' to Ethics – 'No' to Ex Parte Communication

CRC Careening Out of Control: Running on Rumors, Bad Management, & Refusing to Answer Questions

FL Legislature:  Proposed Wastewater Grant Program Addresses Aging Infrastructure

scrabble block spelling strangers'Stop Child Predators' Warns: "Parents Should Be On the Alert For 'Strangers' In Communities"

Photo of busy airport. Copy: Florida, third in the nation in cases of sexual exploitation and trafficking of minors.Super Bowl First Test of Florida’s New Defense Against Human Trafficking

Amy OverstreetAmy Overstreet: Looking To Fill the Top Spot at the Tax Collector's Office

Erin Grall, Florida Representative (R)Florida ‘Parents' Bill of Rights’ Bill Breezes Past First Hearing

Graphic: showing the words Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School with line art of a school book, an apple, and a handgunFlorida’s Armed School "Guardian" Program Gets Safeguards In Proposed Senate Bill

Florida's Proposed First-In-Nation Water Excise Tax Bottled Up By Legal - Procedural Questions

Councilman Greene:  Vacations-Work Should Not Determine Lawful City Meeting Schedule

FL Constitutional Amendment Process: Republicans Looking for Restrictions

Florida Clean Waterways Act: Calm Water Illusive

Bradley's Bill Allowing Discretion in 'Low-Level' Drug Offender Sentences Heads to Senate Floor

Parental Consent Abortion Bill Advances in Florida Senate Judiciary Committee

Photo: Diane Roberts, FloridaFLA 2019: "A State Run By Enablers, Bootlickers, And Some Possible Unindicted Co-Conspirators"

M-CORES: New Coalition 'No Roads To Ruin' Sends Message to Gov. - Toll Roads Must be Stopped