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County Manager Schedules Important County Jail Meeting Same Time as City Council Meeting

The Columbia County Jail. Originally a deal investigated and covered up by the State Attorney.

MLK Day: Happy Birthday Brother Martin

FL Moms Rally Against EPA Nominee

Confusion, Whispering, Limited Sunshine at Gov Scott's Lake Shore Hosp Auth Board

Confusion, Whispering, Conflict of Interest: Governor Scott's Lake Shore Hosp Auth in Action

Cnty 5 Temporarily Nixes 'Jack Berry Hwy,' Nash Caves to Nephew, Legislative Turkey Lives

Report: FL Women Worse Off Than Decade Ago

Columbia County Updates Econ Dev Strategic Plan Stakeholders Not Part of the Process

Legislation Delegation on the Road: Wednesday 1 to 2:30 pm at Florida Gateway College

Columbia County: The Top Stories of 2016.

LSHA Mystery Workshop Cancelled

Czar Power: County 5 Chair Loads the Bases, Nash Out as Econ Dev Advisory Bd Chief

Appointments not revealed during final December meeting

Lake City Tables Medical Marijuana Moratorium - Councilwoman Moses:  "I need more information"

9 Month Medical Marijuana Moratorium on the Lake City Docket Monday Night

Columbia County 5 Approves $25,000 for Ten Pages of TDC Web Content

Repealing ACA Would Be "Devastating" for Florida: Urban Institute Report

Gov's LSHA Bd:  8 min Meeting, Nothing on Agenda, No Questions 'Sort-of,' Berry Turns His Back

LSHA:  Jack Berry's Minimalist Agenda Shows Nothing Going On

Man's best friend rescued - then becomes boys best friend

Meeting Calendar
Don't be confused - Find links to agendas

Rubio Keeps Promise to Stand Up to Trump

Trump's Dream Team for Economic Success

Conservatives Outraged Streep Calls Out Trump

The Rep Better Idea for Obamacare: Let's Hear It

Office of Congressional Ethics More Important Than Ever

It's Resolution Time, Even at Work

In Her 80s, Susan Brownmiller Continues to Inspire

Separation of Powers: Keeps Legislators From Running Amok

Can We Just Get 2016 Over With, Please?

FEMA's Craig Fugate Fumes While Florida Sinks in a Sea of Bulls#it

FL Gov LeRoy Collins Balance of Public-Private Speech: A Lesson to be Learned

AARP Fights 'Loneliness Epidemic' With Awareness Campaign

In Post-Truth America, Responsible News More Important Than Ever

FL Gas Headed Higher - Up 9.5¢ Last Week

Christmas is a-comin', the geese are gettin' hacked

The Red Menace Redux

Meaningless Metrics Mask Troublesome Trends in Florida Higher Education