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WEATHER:  Today & Tonight

Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson Qualifies for FL District 10 Seat: She Will Be On the Ballot

City Manager Grayson Cason: Mostly Couldn't Be Heard, Agenda Material Incomplete for $296k Job

"Mr. Columbia County" Dale Williams Talks About the Jail and the Possibility of Renovation

Special Meeting Whittles City Manager Candidates From 9 to 5: Interviews June 6

City Hall Shutting Down Mid-Day: No one admits to giving the order - City Manager Cason - Silent

City Manager Candidates On Tap in City Hall 6pm Tonight: Who will be interviewed?

Econ Dev Summit: DOT Millions, Quality Jobs, Gainesville, Wkforce Development, Supt of Schools

Murphy's Econ Dev Summit: No Real Substance, Everybody Came Out Alive, Cnty 5 Politics As Usual

Com DePratter Not Running Again: "I have things to do. You understand?"

Murphy's Econ Dev Summit: Panel Gets Q's - Public Q's Vetted, Illegal Notice, Econ Dev Chief Shunned

Amphitheater/Bandshell Coming to Downtown Lake City: Committee Gives Final Approval

Cannabis Advocates Blame FL Officials for 'Reefer Madness'

City Mgr Search Back on Track, Field Narrowed to 13, Mayor Welcomes Q's From the Community

City Mgr Search Stalls - Starts. City Council in Disarray. Emerg Mtng Called - Conflicts w/The 5

Florida: 8th Highest Combined Gas Tax in Nation

Cake Walk For Former County Mgr Dale Williams: Gov's Board Top Pick for PT LSHA Manager

Curtain Comes Down on Berry Era: Gov Scott's LSHA Bd Will Select a New Auth Mgr

City Manager Applications Flood HR Before the Final Buzzer on Friday: Applicants From All Over

4th Grader Appears Before the Cnty 5:  "There's a Bullying Situation Going On At My School"

Gov Loses 1st Fed Appeal Ordering New Felon Vote Restoration Process: Could End up w/Supremes

Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson Throws Hat in Ring For Florida House of Representatives, District 10

Florida Gateway College in Top 17% of LPN Programs in Florida: No. 15 in Ranked Programs

Conservation Groups Urge More Funding to Fix Wildlife Crisis

Federal Judge Enjoins Gov Scott From Enforcing FL's Unconstitutional Vote-Restoration Scheme

Native Plants Turn Backyards Into Nature Preserves

World Class Off-Road Racing in Lake City This Weekend at Southside Raceway: Free Admission

Floridians for Reproductive Freedom Denounce Gov Scott After Legitimizing Fake Women's Clinics

Man's best friend rescued - then becomes boys best friend

Here We Go Again: a shooting, a white male perpetrator, a rejection, victim-blaming

FL Gas $2.81, Summer Travel Predicted to Take a Hit

Interrogations: Gina Haspel (CIA) - Adolf Eichmann (SS)

LSHA: County Residents Should Be Able to Send a Message to the Legis 'Keep it or Dissolve It'

Increased Youth Activism May Not Correspond to Voter Turnout

The Expendables: There’s More to Life than Death

Floridians for Reproductive Freedom Denounce Gov Scott

I Love My Southern Roots, But --- The South Needs to Rise Again

FL Senate Removes Plan to Arm Teachers, Keeps Option for Staff