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Transcript of November 20, 2008, Columbia County BCC.

The Colson Invoice Section

(emphasis added)

THE OBSERVER:        I have a question about item number four Mr. Chairman. At the last meeting this board said they were going to request documentation, indeed, Commissioner Williams said that it would also prevent future "filibustering" for bills from the engineer. My understanding was, according to the County Manager, he says Mr. Colson keeps a diary or a time log. There is no time log with this invoice. That was not done what Mr. Williams [Com. Ronald Williams] asked to be done.
            I also have a question about the correspondence that Mr. Colson wrote to the county. He said a lot of things, handwritten. I’m sure you’ve all gotten it or read it.
            He said, “Should this not be satisfactory” he said he’s just going to do it the way he’s going to do it. If you don’t’ like it, it’s tough. That basically what he said, isn’t that right Mr. Williams? [CM Williams] (no answer)
            He said, “and the audience idiot, whom,” it really should be who, “is apparently insinuating that I am dishonest, persists in pursuing this issue, please advise the individual to contact me directly and I will deal with it on a personal basis.”
            I don’t know who Mr. Colson is referring to, “the audience idiot,”  I know there’s quite a few folks that show up at these meetings, the sheriff deputies, people that work for the county, Mr. Johnson, so when somebody that’s paid by the working families of Columbia County, refers to the folks in this community as the “audience idiot,” I was just wondering if the Board had any idea who that was?
COMMISSIONER WEAVER:        Mr. Williams, since that was your request, for the invoice
COMMISSIONER WEAVER:            Would you like to address that? Do you have any problems with that invoice?
COMMISSIONER RONALD WILLIAMS:        I don’t have any problem with that invoice.
THE OBSERVER:        My question sir, was “Who’s the audience idiot?”
COMMISSIONER WEAVER:            Pardon?
THE OBSERVER:        Who’s the audience idiot?
COMMISSIONER WEAVER:            I don’t have any idea.
THE OBSERVER:        No. I don’t either.
COMMISSIONER WEAVER:            I don’t have any idea. I simply read the same letter that you just quoted.
THE OBSERVER:        Right, and you have no problem that there was no times or anything on this invoice that shows what the working families of Columbia County are paying for Mr. Chairman?
            I believe I asked Mr. Williams to address that, since he’s the one that addressed it originally. He did not have any problems with that.
THE OBSERVER:        But I understand sir, but you vote on it. So I’m asking you as a member, as my representative.
COMMISSIONER WEAVER:            I don’t have any problem with it, Mr. Lilker.
THE OBSERVER:        Thank you. And I guess we’ll find out when the rest of the Board votes, if they have any problems. I take umbrage to anybody in this community being addressed as an idiot. Anybody --  by somebody that works for the working families of Columbia County.  And I would respectfully suggest that this Board find out who Mr. Colson is speaking about, because I don’t know. But don’t I believe that anybody insinuated that Mr. Colson was stealing anything from anybody in this community. All they were asking for was a fair and accurate representation of what he’s billing for. And that was me. And if this Board is satisfied with that; that says more about this board then it does about Mr. Colson.

  The meeting transcript.

Arrogance so blatant it defies description and a disregard of the money of the the working families of Columbia County that is on par with the criminals of Washington.