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The Questions


Public Works Director
Courthouse Annex Conference Room

Introductions and brief review of position Benefits and Drug Free Work Place Interview Questions:

1.                  Describe for us your professional work experience and background that makes you believe that you are qualified for this position.

2.                  What do you believe are the most important challenges facing County Public Works departments today?

3.                  Describe how you would approach a situation where two valuable employees are distrustful of and disrespectful to each other and the lack of cooperation is having an impact on organizational performance.

4.                  Describe your experience in scheduling and overseeing work.

5.                  What has been your experience in training?

6.                  Describe your experience in road design and construction to minimum standards.

7.                  Describe your experience with road maintenance projects.

8.                  What experience do you have in reading and interpreting blueprints, plans and specifications?

9.                  What various types of equipment have you successfully operated and what was the purpose of each?

10.          What has been your experience in developing policies and procedures?

11.          What have you done in the area of preparing reports and or forms that were necessary for the general operation of a department?

12.          Explain how you communicate complex ideas to subordinates and/or peers.

13.          How would you describe your experience as a manager?
What has been your greatest challenge as a manager?

14.          How would those you manage describe you?

15.          What do you consider to be your areas of weakness and what have you done to strengthen yourself in these areas?

16.          What has been your experience in managing personnel functions within a department (i.e. interviewing, selection, recommendation for hiring, discipline, performance evaluations, etc.)?

17.          Have you supervised union and nonunion employees? If so, how do you deal differently with each or are there differences in your management style?

18.          How would you handle a County Commissioner telling you to pave a private road for his largest campaign contributor?

19.          Describe your experience in preparing a departmental operating budget and monitoring cost/expenditures for adherence to established financial goals and objectives.

20.          What are your professional and career goals and how does this position fit with these goals?

21.          Would you be available and willing to work evenings and weekends on a regular basis or when needed?
Would you be willing to work a flexible and variable schedule if necessary?

22.          Due to its managerial nature, this position is exempt from overtime pay. Do you understand and accept this condition of employment?

23.          Columbia County requires that managers and supervisors live in Columbia County within six months of date of hire. Do you live in Columbia County? YES NO. If no, do you anticipate any problem with this requirement?

24.          Are you familiar with the physical demands of this position as indicated in the position description?
Do you anticipate any problem with these requirements?

25.          Have you ever been fired or requested to resign from a position?

26.          What are your salary requirements for this position?

27.          If you were selected for this position, when would you be able to begin work?

D.     Closing

1.     Additional questions by committee

2.     Questions/comments from interviewee

3.     Explanation on what will take place next including when interviewee may expect to hear from us.

4.     Thank you.