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Deputy Clerk Sandy
Markham records the

Commentary (below and in the minutes) by the publisher

Things certainly have changed since 2007, and not for the best.

Over the past few weeks, many of you have asked me what has changed and what has gone wrong in Columbia County -- others have had specific issues.

While researching the answers to a few inquires I came across the December 6, 2007 Columbia County Commission meeting minutes.

Amazingly, most of the issues seemed to be addressed in this county document, whether it was the IDA (Industrial Development Authority), the "Good Old Boys," accountability, your money or your ability to address your elected officials and receive answers without being treated as though you were a citizen of East Germany, before the wall came down.

These minutes were produced before the County Manager and the County Attorney moved to modify the minutes so they were not so expansive and revealing.

It was an earlier time, when the residents didn’t need ID cards to speak and could ask questions when they came up, about the things that affected their lives, their families and their pocket books. They might not have received answers, but at least they could ask the questions.

It is your county and your government. Lately, the thought is that the public is here to serve the "servants." Things are backwards. What happened to "It is an honor to serve?"

Recently, after one meeting, a resident, after hearing about what goes on in this county said he felt dirty and that he thought he needed a shower.

To all my friends, if you do nothing, nothing will change. If you want to clean up your county -- you can. It won't be easy. But like Nike says, Just Do It.

Keep the faith, good luck and remember "Every journey begins with one step." Stew Lilker - publisher