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Attorney/Author Jim Slaughter Informs About Robert's Rules After The 5's Bloodless Coup

Your article on the County Commission that mentioned Robert’s Rules appeared in the news articles on my parliamentary procedure site.  In the event they may be of use for future articles, I wanted to share information on my two recently released books on Robert’s Rules of Order.

The books have a different purpose and different audiences.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Parliamentary Procedure Fast-Track is focused on smaller meetings, such as boards and committees, and provides details on the most used motions, appropriate informal procedures for smaller boards, and general advice for shortening meetings. 

Notes and Comments on Robert’s Rules, Fourth Edition is a user’s guide to the new 716 page edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised (11th Edition) and uses a question-and-answer format to cover the most misused and asked-about provisions, including those that apply to larger membership meetings.  Notes and Comments received the 2013 Phifer Award from the National Communication Association.

Both books are available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, traditional and online bookstores, as well as electronically for the Kindle, Nook and iPad. 

There are also many free charts and articles on Robert’s and meeting procedure at my website, Jim Slaughter, Parliamentarian.  All of the information on the website is free, so feel free to use or share.



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