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Shocked to find your publication

I am shocked to find your publication.

I was searching for something in Columbia County, Florida on the net and found your paper.
It has an article about the Gulf Oil Spill. I expected that like all Columbia County publications it would follow the usual politically correct route: corporations are good authority figures. Environment is for gays.
I assumed everything put out by "white guys" in Columbia County. (I am a resident, but soon to leave) is regurgitated pabulum from Limbaugh, Savage, Beck, Fox News, etc. It has to be, or the offender will soon be unemployed and friendless.
Well, I am shocked to find your publication. I can only assume you live in a bunker or in another state.
I am reading a book about Barry Goldwater of his letters and personal notes. The book is edited by his son, Barry Jr. and John Dean of Watergate infamy. I am too young to remember Goldwater and I am confused about him. Was he a common sense Republican like Eisenhower? Was he a blockhead "Party of No" authoritarian Neocon like those "republicans" of today? Was he an odd mixture?
I stand with Mr. Dean in the view that "republicans" today are shameful SOBs and traitors to this nation. They have pushed me to be more liberal than I've ever been.
All we seem to have in this nation, politically, can be described by the Theatre Shooter scenario: One party says, "Don't hurt him, he'll be out of ammo soon." The Other Party says, "Kill everyone; that'll stop him!"
There is no middle ground - no common sense. It seems everyone with sense has been pushed to extremes to balance the considerable influence of the right-wing-nut-jobs and their ignoramus followers.
By this date this nation should have been very developed and prosperous. Instead, we are wasting generations and huge amounts of money fighting political struggles that existed back in the administration of John Adams. Meanwhile, rich people are writing laws to make themselves richer.
And here is your paper which seems to be a light in the darkness of a stupid county.
I wish all of Columbia County's residents would get off their partisan whoopee cushions and stand up as Americans.

Don DuCote

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