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Greenville, SC: Dedicated public servants stuck to their plan.

Thank you for your mention of Greenville, SC in your article, "Columbia County Economic Development Meets Alachua County Economic Development". Actually, there is more to the city of Greenville than you mentioned in your article.

We also have thriving theater and art from small to grand scale rivaling New York City. What once was an eyesore river running through our city is now a beautiful park with waterfalls and a pedestrian bridge over the falls (Falls Park).

Greenville has a plethora of fine dining restaurants as well as small bistros and coffee houses. Yes, we have bookstores but we also have a thriving art colony and many educational facilities such as the Children's Museum.

Our streets are safe night and day. Our schools are second to none. This combination has attracted both educated people as well as industry to the area.

All this was made possible many years ago when the city brought in planners. Greenville has stuck with the plan administration after administration and everyone benefited.

Back in the 80's we were not much different from any other declining mill town. I have visited Lake City on my way to Tampa. It is much like any mill town back in the 80's ... not progressive and with poor leadership. From what I read in your newspaper, it seems the politicians there haven't a clue beyond their own financial interests.

You have some great community organizations such as Kiwanis, Lions Club, Rotary and such. So, there is a foundation of civic pride.

As a former Greenville resident, recently moved to Greer, SC, I invite you to come see for yourselves what a difference dedicated public servants can accomplish.

John Helfrich
Greer, SC 

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