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Corruption in Columbia County
Remain quiet and nothing will happen

"A Life In Lake City" is a pseudonym because the 3 R's of tin-pot despotism -- revenge - retaliation - retribution -- are alive, well and flourishing in Columbia County.

People regardless of their age, race, sex, economic status or occupation have choices they can make in their daily routine.  Corruption is defined in the dictionary this way: (1) the act of corrupting or state of being corrupt; (2) moral perversion; depravity; (3) perversion of integrity; (4) corrupt or dishonest proceedings; (5) bribery; (6) debasement or alteration, as of language or a text; (7) a debased form of a word; (8) putrefactive decay; rottenness; (9) any corrupting influence or agency.

These different types of corruption surround us in our daily lives in Lake City and greater Columbia County. A person has the ability to make the choice to voice their concern and then accept the repercussions of this action. Unfortunately, the consequences of voicing concerns about public corruption in a small community could, no it would, provide negative responses and could be financially devastating to that person.

A whistle blower is not protected.

The owner of a retail business could lose sales; a person could lose his/her job. Family members are subjected unjustified remarks; therefore, most will turn their head the other way and remain quiet. If a job is lost, who will provide for the family?  

A strong person, who is not financially connected to the community, is required to bring to the surface the injustices and wrong doings that are present in our community, whether it is in the city government, the county government or the school board.

Our system of operation has been the "good ole boy syndrome." It was the accepted practice for years before rules, laws and other legislation have been created to safe guard the interests of the general public. Unfortunately, in Columbia County it is known straight to Tallahassee and all over that these rules are for the most part, just ignored.

You have brought forth to the public many issues that few have attempted before.

When the topics of public corruption are discussed, there are some who do not accept, or think anything is wrong. The network of relationships is so intertwined it would take a large scale investigation to uncover the wrong doings. 

Few people are in a position to subject themselves to public humiliation, negative comments and public persecution. This community is not the only place this happens, but it is where we live.

This is our neighborhood and I commend your efforts on attempting to enlighten those who call this "home."

This situation did not occur over night and it will take time to resolve. If you have concerns make your voice known.  Nothing will happen if you remain quiet - there is strength in numbers.

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