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Gangster Government

Ever Vigilant is a pseudonym. Ever Vigilant is a leader; an administrator; a veteran; a college graduate and well known. Because the 3 R's of tin-pot despotism -- revenge - retaliation - retribution -- are alive and well in Columbia County, even worming their poisonous tentacles into the heart of the State Attorney's Office, in order for Ever Vigilant to be ever vigilant, his/her name is a pseudonym.

“Gangster Government” was coined by Michael Barone, an analyst for The Washington Examiner, in an article in May 2009. His issue was the recent Chrysler bailout. His contention was that the Obama administration’s decision to force bondholders to accept 33 cents on the dollar on secured debt, while giving United Auto Worker retirees 50 cents on the dollar on unsecured debt was tantamount to “Gangster Government.”

Representative Bachman (R, Minn.) cited Barone’s phrase on the House floor on June 14, 2009, in a speech that captured attention from the media on all sides. The Progressives and Liberals of the left reacted viscerally with considerable wailing and gnashing of teeth. On the right the term resonated with grassroots Conservatives and among those affiliated with the TEA Party (Taxed Enough Already) movement as an apt characterization against intrusive government expansion and out of control spending.

The political lexicon

In one year “Gangster Government” has entered the political lexicon and is now used by political commentators, on both the left and the right, when analyzing the mood and sentiments of an expanding cross section of American voters. Signs echoing the phrase are regularly seen on the nightly news shows whenever the TEA Party is mentioned.

Political and Media elites that believe the American electorate is uneducated and uninformed find it incomprehensible that big government is equated with gangsters. Big Government is the supposed friend of the “Little Man.” Elitists are stunned to find across the political spectrum Americans are uniting against a government that is perceived as out of control and lawless.

Why do American voters feel that “Gangster Government” accurately applies to the current administration? The takeover of General Motors and Chrysler as the payback to the Unions for their political support. Government healthcare shoved down the throats of the people despite a clear majority of voters making it clear that they were opposed to a government takeover of health care. An administration that filed suit against the State of Arizona for protecting their borders from the invasion by illegal immigrants and drug dealers from Mexico. An administration that dropped the prosecution of members of the New Black Panther Party for voter intimidation in Philadelphia.

Grassroots Americans may not have Ivy League educations, but they are blessed with knowledge, wisdom, understanding and discernment that have distilled through countless generations into a fine blend of common sense.

To the elitists, the actions of Big Government are being carried out for the greater good of society, but to grassroots citizens Big Government looks like a bunch of out of control thugs putting the strong arm on the American people.

Americans are furious

Americans are furious at being pushed around, ignored and told that they are too ignorant to understand the great goals of our enlightened leadership.

Many senior Americans witnessed the rise of tyrants in the 1930’s and took up arms to turn back those evil forces.

Tyrants don’t always come with funny moustaches or dazzling uniforms that make them easily recognizable. Tyrants can be smiling and congenial like Mao, but they are still a deadly threat to freedom and the personal liberty of mankind.

It is natural, therefore, that “Gangster Government” signs would show up at TEA Party rallies. Americans are outraged at Big Government, which increasingly seeks to interfere in every aspect of their daily lives and which taxes them into financial slavery.

Americans are furious that the Department of Justice, which should protect the rights of all Americans, now appears to selectively enforce the laws based upon racial and political criteria.

Washington does not have a monopoly on “Gangster Government”.

State governments openly defy the wishes and desires of the voters in their lust for power.

Here at the local level the State Attorney has flaunted his power to destroy a subordinate’s career because she spoke about the Constitution.

The root of all such behavior is the tyrannical desire to dominate and control people, rather than to serve them.

In Columbia County

In Columbia County we see a microcosm of this cancer that is killing our nation.

Closed meetings, lack of transparency in spending and contracting, the imposition of mandatory water hookup, character assassination, back door deals and the Good Old Boys that have thumbed their noses at the voters of Columbia County for the past 50 years are causing people, who have never been involved in politics, to cry out for change.

More government, more taxes and career politicians at the local level are just as much a threat to our nation and our liberty as their out of control counterparts in Washington.

In a few weeks voters will go to the polls and decide whether we will continue to be a nation "by the people and for the people" or whether we shall concede liberty and justice to political thugs at all levels of government.

The power still belongs to the people if they wake up, stand up and vote out those that practice “Gangster Government”. 


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