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Just use your "Common Sense"

Florida has very large problems. Our taxes are too high, people are unemployed, property values are in the tank. What has Tallahassee done for these problems? Not a thing.

The answer is very simple: Shrink the government, deregulate and lower taxes. In other words, "use common sense."

The people of Florida have been complaining about these problems and our state has ignored us. Our own state government has raised taxes, service charges and fee's on Floridians in a struggling economy.

Let's look at these problems and give "Common Sense" answers to them.

Taxes: Just lower them. It will put more money in the people's pockets. In turn they will buy things because they have the money which creates more revenue for the state and local businesses because of money flow. It's a "common sense" idea which came from JFK and Ronald Reagan. They lowered taxes, shrank the government and the economy recovered. We know them as the "good years."

Deregulation: To make it so businesses open and hire people, we must deregulate laws on businesses. There are many government agencies that punish businesses and farmers including the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) to the Office of Tourism, Trade and Economic Development (OTTED). Millions of state taxpayer dollars are being spent without the taxpayers control.

These offices are not controlled by the people. They are controlled by the Governor and his cabinet.

Common sense states: When the people fear the government you have tyranny. When the government fears the people you have "Liberty."

Shrink Government: Our state has too many offices we really don't need.

Have you ever noticed every time a politician wants to shrink or close an agency they always seem to attack, school, fire and police?

 Why don't we close offices that really do nothing for the people and the few things they do that help people, move to another or "the original" office they came from.

For example, the Office of Tourism, Trade and Economic Development. (OTTED) This office doesn't do anything for the state but spend money advertising what people already know about Florida.

Do you think someone in Iowa doesn't know that we have many theme parks, springs, great beaches and so much more to offer besides sunshine? It's just Common sense.

Fixing the state is not a hard thing to do. It just takes common sense wisdom.

We should go back to the time when the State helped people -- not punished them.

The job of a representative is to "represent" the people of Florida, not control them.

We should remove people who "think" they know what is right for Florida and replace them with people who will listen to Floridians.

Terry Rauch is the Republican Candidate, Florida State House, District 11. The views represented are his own. You may learn more about Mr. Rauch by visiting his website.

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