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Lake City Police Department: DUI Released Attack Dog on Police - Resisted Arrest

Craig Strickland

LAKE CITY, FL – Lake City Police Dispatch received a call, late Wednesday night, October 24th, from Kenneth Bullard, who said that a truck behind him was driving recklessly and attempting to run him off the road. Officers responded to the area of US-90 and S.W. Baya Drive and watched as both vehicles drove by and saw the suspect vehicle driving with no headlights on. (Received from the LCPD on October 26th)

Sergeant Paul Kash pulled behind a blue 1999 Ford F-250 and saw the driver, later identified as Timothy Scott Schultz, 47, driving recklessly. Sgt. Kash activated his emergency lights and siren. The driver made no attempt to stop, but slammed on his brakes several times for no apparent reason. By this time there was more than one police car following Mr. Schultz.

Booking photo: Timothy Scott Schultz

Mr. Schultz continued to drive his truck until he arrived at his residence, 538 N.E. Jacksonville Loop, where he pulled into his yard.

Mr. Schultz exited his truck and stared directly at the officers. Several times LCPD Officer Ross ordered Mr. Schultz to get on the ground. Instead, Mr. Schultz opened the door to the back seat of his truck and released his German Shepherd, which immediately jumped out of the vehicle and began running towards Officer Ross in an aggressive manner.

Officer Ross pulled out his gun and fired. The dog was hit and ran off to the side.

Mr. Schultz continued to stand by his vehicle. When Mr. Schultz refused to obey Officer Ross's  command, he was Tasered to no effect and stood there and attempted to remove the Taser prongs.

Then, Sgt. Kash deployed his Taser and Mr. Schultz fell to the ground and continued to resist arrest and fight with the officers.

The animal shelter was called to the scene and treated the dog.

Lifeguard Ambulance responded to treat Mr. Schultz.

Mr. Schultz was arrested; booked at the Columbia County Detention Center; ; and refused to cooperate with the DUI investigation. As a result, his driver's license was suspended for 12 months.

During the investigation officers learned Schultz's German Shepherd had been receiving training at Von See Stadt Kennels to be a "personal protection" canine to its owner.

A Previous Incident

On September 15th, Mr. Schultz had a previous altercation the LCPD when officers responded to Rountree-Moore Ford. When the officers arrived, Mr. Schultz was causing and making verbal threats to the employees.

When the police told Mr. Schultz to leave, he refused and continued making threats.

When he was placed under arrest he resisted. LCPD's Sgt. Shallar deployed his Taser striking Mr. Schultz to no effect and Mr. Schultz continued to resist. Sgt. Shallar used his pepper spray, but Mr. Schultz turned to avoid the spray. Then he tried to get into his vehicle.

While this was going on, LCPD Officer Nikki Gunter, also on the scene, was preventing Mr. Schultz' 17-year-old son and his friend, Jacob T. Arace, 18, from intervening.

Columbia County Sheriff's Deputy, J. Snipes, arrived on the scene and Mr. Schultz was removed from his vehicle and placed under arrest and booked at the Columbia County Detention Center for resisting arrest, battery and disorderly conduct.

The Charges

As a result of the most recent incident, Timothy Scott Schultz was charged with the following:

Reckless Driving (FSS 316.192.1)
Fleeing and Eluding (FSS 316.1935.3)
Aggravate Assault with Deadly Weapon (FSS 784.021.1a)
Aggravated Assault with Intent to Commit a Felony (FSS 784.021.1b) Cruelty to Animals (FSS 828.12.2)
Resist Officer without Violence (FSS 843.02)
DUI (FSS 316.193.1A)
Refusal to Submit to Test (FSS 316.1939.1)

Mr. Schultz was held on $75,000 bond.

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