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Kathy Kersey retires after 28 years of Florida gov't service: "In FL it's a little bit different"

Kathy Kersey receives a proclamation from Mayor Steve Witt

LAKE CITY, FL – After 28 years of working for municipal government in Florida, Kathy Kersey won't be seen riding her bicycle to City Hall anymore. She told the Observer, "It was time to retire. The kids wanted me to retire."

Ms. Kersey waiting to hear the proclamation from the Mayor.

Ms. Kersey came to Florida from New Jersey and began her governmental career in Hernando County, where she stayed for ten years.

From there she went to the City of Palm Bay, where during a 12 year career she worked for the City Manager.

Ms. Kersey concluded her career in Lake City, where she worked for the city government for the last six years.

In Lake City she worked for the Utility Department under former Utility and City Manager, Scott Reynolds.

Of Mr. Reynolds she said, "He always kept everybody busy. He always had a lot of work to do."

With Florida's Governor Rick Scott working to transition the Florida economy and participating in a whirlwind tour of economic round tables today, the Governor would do well to heed Ms. Kersey's words explaining her perception of the Florida economy.

"Up north you can get a job just about anywhere. There are many big companies. In Florida it is a little bit different." 

Updated June 07: Caption added to photo of Ms. Kersey.

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On June 6, 2012, Debbie Garbett wrote:

Enjoy your retirement Kathy You deserve every minute of it.


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