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Earline Parker Dies - LCPD Officer Now Involved In Death: The Ultimate Harm – No Foul?

LAKE CITY, FL – In an e mail received early this afternoon, the Observer was advised that Earline Parker of Lake City had died peacefully last night in Illinois. Ms. Parker, a long time Lake City businesswoman, was involved in a crash with a Lake City Police Department Cruiser driven by LCPD Officer, David Broom, on September 6th of last year. At the time of the accident, the police cruiser was traveling 76mph in a 45mph zone. The Florida Highway Patrol charged Officer Broom with speeding and not wearing his seat belt.

It has been reported that Officer Broom was not on the way to a call or in pursuit, nor were his siren or lights on.

On February 7th The Lake City Reporter reported the following:

“The state attorney’s office examined the facts, discussed it with members of the FHP, and then applied those facts to the case law,” said David Phelps, chief assistant state attorney. “It was determined that we simply did not have sufficient evidence of a crime. Then the highway patrol charged him with whatever traffic violations were applicable.”

It is not usual for traffic citations to be given after consultation with the State Attorney's Office.

According to the Florida Statutes, a person's license can be suspended if the person "Has been convicted of a violation of any traffic law which resulted in a crash that caused the death or personal injury of another.

City Manager Wendell Johnson weighed in

It was reported that Lake City, City Manager Wendell Johnson sent a text message to the LCR. It read, "“No license, no job.”


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