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Lake City Report - July 8, 2011
Pipeline Safety and Broadband on tap

From City Manager Wendell Johnson

PSC annual gas pipeline safety evaluation

The PSC Gas Utility System Engineer recently completed the City’s 2011 Natural Gas Pipeline Safety Evaluation. This comprehensive inspection consisted of a review and verification of related documents, field tests and interviews with Gas Department employees.

The City’s Natural Gas System was found in compliance with state and federal safety rules in all areas evaluated – no deficiencies were found.

Kudos to Superintendent Joe Sheldon and all employees of the City Gas Department – Thanks for a great job.

North Florida Broadband Authority (NFBA)

The $30 million NFBA Broadband Grant Project continues to move ahead to enable high-speed connectivity for our 14-county region.

 The NFBA will have a core broadband network consisting of 93 towers throughout the 14-county region and is expected to be operational during 2012.

NFBA update

System Deployment Is Underway:

• NFBA has contractors in the field.
• The Engineer has Project Managers in the field
• The Engineer has set up an Office-Warehouse facility in Lake City to facilitate a fixed market presence within the RACEC.  The facility is 5,800 square feet and located at 1985 W Main Street.
• The Safety and QA Manager has people in the field
• Crown Castle and American tower site owners have project managers in the field
• NFBA awarded Civil Sub-Contractors are out in the field
• Local Work Force is engaged
• 76 OF 94 site leases with tower companies have been executed

What's next for the NFBA:

Continued deployment of Operational and Business Support Systems with Microsoft / Cisco, Sugar CRM, Quickbooks Enterprise configuration and server support. This enables NFBA to operate “today” while laying flexible architecture to build a carrier’s OSS/BSS that will take it into “tomorrow.”

This week from the staff reports. Some interesting facts.

Information Technology / G.I.S. / Communications (Zack Mears):

 • We are near completion of the consolidation of websites for centralization of management.
• Continued the rebuild of City sites in new back-end program.
• Continued work on reclaim water plan and profile in Geographical Information System.
• Everbridge project is nearly complete. The employee portion has been setup and the citizen file is in validation. The geographical validation is complete for addressing. The Everbridge project is the City alert system to residences, businesses and City utility customers.
• Lock Box project file testing has been successful thus far and should be live soon.
• Collected Geographical Positioning System data for utilities (hydrants and manholes).
• Setup has begun on Police Department’s new virtual server environment.
• Planning stage of fiber project is nearly complete and requisitioning has begun.

The City Staff Report is available in pdf format here

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