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Lake City Report - June 17, 2011
Traffic light cameras & employee computers

From City Manager Wendell Johnson

Traffic Safety Program

The Staff met with a consulting representative early this week to discuss the potential benefit of a high volume traffic light vehicle activity monitoring system.

This afternoon, City Manager Johnson confirmed that these cameras are traffic light cameras.

Our objective is to determine feasibility of a comprehensive, self-funding automated intersection safety enforcement and violation processing service for the City.

The Staff will continue to assess the benefit potential for traffic safety program and, if feasible, will schedule a presentation to the City Council during July 2011.

Employee Computer Purchase Program Update

During the last 18 months since implementation, the City’s Employee Computer Purchase Program has resulted in 120 computer purchases valued at $82,417.00.

The purpose of this program is to allow City employees an easy way to purchase computers and related equipment with the objective of “job skills” enhancement. The advantage to the employee is purchase under a payroll deduction plan with a one-time exemption of sales tax.

This program continues to be highly successful.

The City Staff Report is available in pdf format here

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