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Lake City Report - Mar 18, 2011
Working hard on the farmer's market

From City Manager Wendell Johnson

Downtown Farmer’s Market

The City staff has been working for several weeks to reestablish and greatly improve a Downtown Farmer’s Market.

The planning process started last month with the participation by representatives from the University of Florida/IFAS, Columbia County Extension Office, National Farmers Market Coalition President, Columbia County Extension Agent, Florida Farm Bureau, Chamber of Commerce Director, and USDA Rural Development.

A key meeting was held this week with a planning consultant and USDA representative to discuss the reorganization and structuring of the Farmer’s Market along with options for USDA funding assistance.

 Official arrangements are now underway for a “kick-off” event planned for May 2011. The City Council will be requested to consider a planning proposal on April 4, 2011 for the initial event and for continued Farmer’s Market events throughout the spring and early summer season.

Lake Shore Hospital Access Improvements

Staff has prepared the basic concept sketch for a Franklin Street improvement giving access from U.S. Highway 41 to the Lake Shore Hospital entrance.

The concept sketch indicates that the cost may be approximately $200,000 which is subject to adjustment with the completion of the Preliminary Design document.  As previously reported, the preliminary design should be completed in about 30 to 40 days and there will be continued information on this project for the foreseeable future.

Lake City Museum Relocation

Coordination activity continues toward the effort to relocate the museum to downtown Marion Street. Staff met with a commercial property owner to discuss interest in selling the property and to address the acquisition process. There will be continued information on this project for the foreseeable future.

 Columbia County Economic Development Committee

The City received an invitation this week from Commissioner Rusty DePratter, as Chairman of the Columbia Economic Development Committee. 

The letter advised Mayor Witt that as the Economic Development Committee begins to discuss the development of locations identified by the Rudder Team as primary economic development sites, knowledge of City’s utility capacity and capabilities would be an asset.  Mr. DePratter stated, “We believe the City of Lake City’s participation would improve the success of Economic Development for Columbia County and the City of Lake City.”

Participation by the City would not be as a member of the Committee, but only as an observer.

The next meeting of the Committee is April 13, 2011.


The City Staff Report is available in pdf format here.

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City Staff Report
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