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Lake City Report - Jan 28, 2011
City hits $171,479 energy savings home run

From City Manager Wendell Johnson

Florida Power and Light Account Audit

FPL Representative Jeff Simmons provided the City’s Energy Account update this week.

The update provides a comparison of the previous 12 month’s usage (Jan – Dec 09) to the current 12 month’s usage (Jan – Dec 10).

The City has continued its aggressive energy conservation program throughout 2010.  Change out and upgrade of mechanical system within several buildings has provided positive cost saving results.

The largest reduction in energy use was the Ozone Loop Water Plant with a 24% savings of $59,973 over the prior year.

 Other notables were police/fire with a 19% savings of $13,265 and the St. Margaret’s Street Waste Water Treatment Plant with a 16% savings of $30,489.

Overall, during the current 12 months ending December 2010, the City’s energy consumption declined by 17%  from the previous 12 months ending December 2009, representing a collective $171,479 reduction in energy costs for the past year.

Vehicle Fleet

The City’s General Purpose (GP) vehicle fleet consists of just over 106 vehicles which serve the needs of all Departments with exception of public safety.

In an effort to enhance annual operating and maintenance costs and to improve the image of the City’s GP fleet, a structured Leasing and Management Program was agreed upon during April 2010 with Enterprise Fleet Services, Inc.

The Program provides for a five-year rotation of all GP Vehicles. 2011 is the first year for service with 30 vehicles rotating out for replacement.

The 2011 vehicles arrived this week and will be placed in operation beginning Monday, January 31st. The City’s GP fleet will reflect this new image.

New City leased vehicle

The City Staff Report is available in pdf format here.

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