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Lake City Report - Jan 07, 2011
City employee computer program improving skills

From City Manager Wendell Johnson

City Employee Computer Purchase Program

The Computer Purchase Program was approved by the City Council during August 2009. The program allows full time City employees meeting certain criteria to purchase computer equipment and accessories through payroll deduction.

The primary goal is to foster improved computer skills to our employees

Since implementation, the program has proven very popular. Eighty seven employees have participated.

January Activity Report

Go to the January Project Activity Report here

The report for January 2011 has been prepared and posted to the City’s web site.

Highlights are that the City’s Consulting Engineer is on schedule for the final design of the new Kicklighter Road Waste Water Treatment Plant.

 The first three months of construction activity on the City’s new General Aviation Terminal has been successful and the project is on schedule.   The building pad is complete and installation of structural steel support columns for the walls are scheduled for completion during January.

 Along with the airport construction activity, a Fiscal Year 2011 Airport Improvement Program Grant Pre-Application for $140,000 was submitted to the Federal Aviation Administration during December 2010. 

Finally, for the first quarter of FY11, the City expended $1,001,865 of its $9 million Capital Budget.

Employee Awards

Nominations for the City’s Outstanding “Employees of the Year” will be taken during January and the selection committee will convene early February.  These awards are intended to give special recognition to City employees for outstanding or superior performance.

The categories are:

a.  Dedication Award
b.  Achievement Award
c.  Supervisor of the Year
d.  Employee of the Year

Presentation of these awards will be made during the City’s Annual Award Banquet to be held on February 25, 2011.

The City Staff Report is available in pdf format here.

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