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Jack Berry blows under pressure
Throws Observer out of illegal meeting

Meeting Transcript

Lake Shore Hospital Authority August 17, 2009


 LSHA Chairman Jack Berry:    CHARIMAN BERRY

 Stewart Lilker:                        THE OBSERVER

 LCPD Officer Cline:                 OFFICER CLINE


CHARIMAN BERRY:                Hold on just a minute. Mister Lilker, you can either put your camera down, or leave – one or the other.

THE OBSERVER:            ~~unintelligible~~ I’m holding the camera.

CHARIMAN BERRY:                You can either put your camera down or leave Mr. Lilker. I only intend to tell you again.

THE OBSERVER:            (Silence)

CHARIMAN BERRY:                If I need to call the police department to have em escort you out of here that’s exactly what I’ll do.

THE OBSERVER:            (Silence)

CHARIMAN BERRY:                Are you refusing to leave?

THE OBSERVER:                      I’m standing here listening to the meeting.

CHARIMAN BERRY:                I’ll recess this meeting.

(Berry reaches into his pocket and takes out a cell phone)

CHARIMAN BERRY:                Yes maam, could you send an officer down to two fifty nine Franklin Street at the Lake Shore Hospital Authority Complex. I need to have you escort somebody out of the meeting.

          ~~unintelligible~~ ain’t standing here. Stewart Lilker. White male. Shorts and a red shirt.

THE OBSERVER:                      Short?

CHARIMAN BERRY:                Thank you.

(Berry leaves the room dialing his cell phone again)

                             (Approximately eight minutes later)

CHARIMAN BERRY:                There he is --  right there.

OFFICER CLINE:                      They need you to leave.

THE OBSERVER:                      I don’t know why.

OFFICER CLINE:                      You got to go.

THE OBSERVER:                      Do you know why?

OFFICER CLINE:                      They’re not holding a hearing.

THE OBSERVER:                      Come on – They still have a meeting if they don’t want me here.

OFFICER CLINE:                      They’ve asked you to follow the rules. Apparently you’re not following ...

THE OBSERVER:                       Could you tell me what rule I’ve violated – please.

OTHER OFFICER:                     Sir – you’re disrupting a public meeting.

THE OBSERVER:                      I disrupted – I was standing there not talking.

OFFICER CLINE:                      Come on – let’s go.

THE OBSERVER:                      I’m getting my stuff in here.


 (Lilker gathered his stuff together and left with the police officers)

(In the street)


THE OBSERVER:            ~~unintelligible~~

OFFICERS:                     ~~unintelligible~~

THE OBSERVER:                      He had no right to throw me out. ~~unintelligible~~ He can’t throw whoever he wants to out of the meeting, can he?

OFFICER CLINE:                      I can’t argue with what happened before I got here, but he said you had broke several the meetings and the rules.

THE OBSERVER:                      I broke several what?

OFFICER CLINE:                      Rules.

THE OBSERVER:                      He didn’t say what they were?

OFFICER CLINE:                      He said that you broke several rules and he was asking you to leave.

THE OBSERVER:                      Well he lied. 

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With out any evidence -- only a phone call from Berry -- the LCPD asked the Observer to leave the meeting.


The Observer has requested a copy of the call tape from the LCPD. There will be a follow up as soon as it is available.