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FL Citizens Unite in the Fight for Clean Water
Floridians' Clean-Water Declaration Campaign Begins

JACKSONVILLE, FL - Green slime outbreaks on Florida beaches and waterways are becoming a constant occurrence and now groups of citizens, environmentalists, and leaders are uniting to fight the problem. On Wednesday, environmental representatives in 16 Florida cities spoke out against the pollution that is causing the problem. They demanded a change in environmental regulations and protection.

One of them was Lisa Rinaman with St. Johns Riverkeeper.

"It's time that we all stand united to demand protective water policy. We're not stopping pollution at the source. We're over-consuming," Rinaman said.

St. Johns Riverkeeper, Earthjustice and dozens of other organizations are launching the Floridians' Clean Water Declaration Campaign and asking concerned citizens to visit the campaign website to sign the declaration.

Cris Costello, Sierra Club representative, said the campaign is about more than just raising awareness - they are hoping to inspire action.

"Our goal is to build a movement," Costello said, "a movement of Floridians to demand clean water."

Rinaman added that any further delay in the protection of Florida's water will only cost more in the long run.

"It's so much cheaper to prevent pollution from going in than waiting and having to remove it later," Rinaman said.

The groups are asking for clean drinking water; safe lakes, streams, rivers and coastal waters; and protection from water pollution.

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