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All Eyes On Florida As Election Looms

MIAMI, FL – Florida's early voting kicked off this weekend and, with the state's history of election controversy, poll monitors are on hand to make sure everyone who wants to cast a ballot is able to exercise the right to vote. The AFL-CIO is one organization monitoring the polls and its executive vice president, Arlene Holt Baker, says they're already hearing some troubling allegations of tampering with the voting process in Florida.

As an example, she says, they've received several reports of a phone message going out to African American communities, telling people that they can use their phone key pads to cast their votes. 

"These are the kinds of things, this trickery, that we expect to happen. We will be monitoring any group that is attempting to intimidate or harass a voter in any way."

There are also reports of entire communities not receiving their requested absentee ballots. 

Labor and community group volunteers will be on-site at polling places to assist voters who encounter any problems. There is also a hotline to report problems at 1-866-OURVOTE. For Spanish speakers, the number is 1-888-VEYVOTA.

Florida voters are required to bring photo ID with them to the polls. These can include government-issued photo IDs, student IDs, nursing home or neighborhood association IDs, or debit cards with photo and signature. 

Holt Baker says her volunteers are working to ensure people know what they need in order to exercise their right to vote. 

"We're gearing up for all kinds of shenanigans that could possibly happen in Florida. Florida has a history, and I think a lot of eyes will be on Florida this election."

The Florida AFL-CIO is also working with 40 attorneys who will be working in 10 target counties, and more than 200 volunteers, in addition to coalition partners. They say their effort is strictly nonpartisan.  

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