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Ethics Reform In Florida: Will it be for real this time? Integrity FL is encouraged

COLUMBIA COUNTY, FL - Florida, since being featured in the Marx Brothers, The Cocoanuts, in the land boom days of the twenties (1920s), has been a living legend and number one in public corruption for years on end. Integrity Florida, a nonprofit, nonpartisan research institute and government watchdog, whose mission is to promote integrity in government and expose public corruption, may have finally caught the ears of the politicians and been the catalyst for the recent talk concerning real ethics reform in Florida.

Dan Krasner, Executive Director of Integrity Florida, believes that the stars are aligned for Floridians, after a 36-year drought, to finally see ethics reform taken seriously in the State Capitol. 

Mr. Kasner pointed to the following recent articles to back up his belief:

"I think we ought to raise the standard of ethical conduct in the Legislature and among public officials in the state generally," incoming Senate President Don Gaetz, endorsing changes sought by the Commission on Ethics. Tampa Bay Times/Miami Herald "Legislature's new leaders back tough ethics reform"

"It's good news for Florida that House and Senate leadership are in agreement that there is a need for meaningful campaign finance and ethics reform," incoming House Speaker Will Weatherford. Associated Press "Legislative leaders vow ethics reforms"

"We look forward to working with the legislative leadership, "Melissa Sellers, Gov. Scott's chief spokeswoman. Tampa Bay Times "Gov. Scott listens to pitch for stronger ethics laws"       

"The Florida Commission on Ethics has proposed a number of important ethics reforms to the Florida Legislature..., "Matt Carlucci, Gov. Scott's most recent appointee to the Ethics Commission.  Florida Times-Union "Florida's ethics rules need to be strengthened"

"A commitment to ethics and integrity in government is essential to maintaining the public trust," Governor Rick Scott. Office of the Governor  "Executive Order Number 11-03 (Ethics and Open Government)"  

Speaking for Integrity Florida, Mr. Kasner said, "We are encouraged by the commitment from our top state leaders to deliver the ethics reform results Floridians are expecting in the upcoming session."

Graphic: Integrity Florida


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