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Convention "Counter Events" Take Aim at Romney Platform

TAMPA, FL - Amid all the rain-soaked Romney supporters braving the threat of Hurricane Isaac for the Republican National Convention (RNC) in Tampa this week, there also are people protesting the presumed Republican nominee's platform. As weather permits, events are planned for protesters along the official convention parade route, near the Tampa Bay Times Forum.

Florida AFL-CIO
Republican Nat Convention

One such event, entitled "Welcome to Romney's America," will include what organizers say is a satirical look at what life under a Romney-Ryan administration might look like, as interpreted by the AFL-CIO.

Cheryl Schroeder, executive director of the West Central Florida Federation on Labor, says the interpretation is based on facts.

"It's not like we're digging around, trying to find a way to vilify him. He's basically informed the American public of where he stands on these issues."

She says the Wednesday evening event will address such issues as economic injustice, working conditions, and the cost of education. By then, Hurricane Isaac is predicted to have made landfall, somewhere along the Gulf coast.

Josh Anijar, Florida AFL-CIO communications director, says his organization is nonpartisan, but has specific concerns about the Romney-Ryan platform. Those include the presidential candidate's history on employment, health care and education policies. 

"It seems like Romney will be holding the middle class hostage with a lot of his policies, and really making the '99 percent' pay for the wealth and decadence of the 'one percent.'"

Romney-Ryan supporters are expected to be present - again, depending on weather - along the parade route and at the RNC, defending their candidates' views and pointing out the issues they have with the Obama administration. 

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