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National Conversation on Social Security and Medicare Starts in Florida

By Stephanie Carroll Carson

MIAMI, FL - AARP is stepping forward to give Americans a forum to voice their opinions about the future of Social Security and Medicare. Today in Miami and around the country the organization is announcing its national conversation titled, "You've Earned a Say." It's an effort to enable people to share their concerns with the politicians in Washington.

Victoria Funes, associate state director of AARP Florida, explains why her organization wants people to find their voices.

"We found out that there was a really big disconnect between what Washington is saying and what 50-plus members were saying, as far as their concerns for Social Security and Medicare are concerned."

AARP Florida is the only kickoff event in Spanish. Funes explains that the state's large immigrant population is sometimes left out of the dialogue.

"For many Hispanics that immigrated into the States as adults, they didn't grow up with this awareness. To a certain extent they may not understand what they mean."

In a survey released today by AARP, 98 percent of respondents said Medicare is important to people's health in retirement, but only half of them are confident it will be there for them throughout their retirement. The data is similar when it comes to Social Security.

A national television campaign will also begin today to let Americans know how they can join the conversation.

AARP research shows that 95 percent of Americans think Washington should spend more time listening to citizens when it comes to potential changes to Social Security and Medicare. The "You've Earned a Say" campaign will coordinate conversations around the country.  

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