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Main Streets Bring Out the Best of the USA
Is Lake City Up To The Task?


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On July 6, 2011, Majik Dragonfly of Lake City wrote:

Clearly no!

After being here 20 years and coming from a town that catered to college kids growing up it was quite a jolt for us as far as any kind of night life, unless you wanted to consider Toms or Seacruise entertainment. The LCPD would have to CHANGE their attitude as well as CCSO for starters.  The shopkeepers downtown have been suppressed for years by the powers that be and every time one of them comes up with a novel idea it is quickly stamped with huge NO!.

The change in the scenery at Olustee was a start, but what about down the streets?  I know that it lights up too!  How is it that LOLA can have the famous Bourbon Street? The cops are so pleasant, helpful, serve and protect like the old cops use to do.  You hardly ever see anyone arrested or badgered or goaded like you do in this county.  But hey, isn't that how this town makes its money now.

Think not? Just go to the courthouse any day and watch the cattle call.  Prisons & the Columbia County Jail are the big ticket money makers as well as the probation department. And no, I have no record or ever been in trouble, but I do pay attention to details. You still have a corrupt town, just not the central station pick up for stillers during prohibition.

See, now it looks all legal, but still smells like a pile of cow patties.

But hey, isn't that another famous thing this town is known for?

WAKE UP COLUMBIA!                          Majik Dragonfly