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Florida: #1 in crooked politicians • #1 in public corruption (another reason to vote yes on Amendment 4)

Just because members of Columbia County's top brass haven't been carted off to the slammer, it doesn't mean they shouldn't be there. When the State Attorney walks behind the good old boys with a broom and the County's outside auditor is the inside financial advisor and accountant, well, everyone knows about the Good Old Boys of the legendary Columbia County.

"Where is officialdom most crooked? Last week, many guessed it must be Illinois, after news that Gov. Rod Blagojevich was taped making brazen personal demands in exchange for his selection of a Senate successor to President-elect Barack Obama."

"In a Department of Justice tally covering the last decade, Florida wins by its sheer number of guilty. The report, released last week, itemizes convictions in federal public corruption cases at local, state and federal levels in the 50 states, the District of Columbia and three United States territories."

The rest of the story can be read here in the NY Times.

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On January 10, 2011 "K" wrote:

My hats off to the reporters of the Columbia County Observer! You show  absolutely "NO" favoritism to your local government officials and I'm  grateful. Your paper is open, honest, and hard hitting on your local  and state government officials as you should be.

However, this story is just the tip of the iceberg you need to dig deeper.

Keep up the good work. K


On January 12, 2011  "A Life in Lake City" wrote:

People regardless of their age, race, sex, economic status or occupation have choices they can make in their daily routine... This situation did not occur over night and it will take time to resolve. If you have concerns make your voice known.  Nothing will happen if you remain quiet - there is strength in numbers.   A Life in Lake City
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