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Santa Fe River Receding – Only Bridge on U.S. 27 Over Santa Fe Still Closed in Columbia County

The water on the Santa Fe at 12 pm today was passing under the U.S. 27 bridge.

COLUMBIA COUNTY, FL – The Santa Fe River has been receding since Thursday. Earlier today Florida Dept. of Trans. opened State Road 47 south of the Santa Fe River bridge, which made the bridge passable.

The last remaining bridge closing between Columbia and Alachua County, the Santa Fe River bridge at U.S. 27 connecting Columbia County with High Springs remained closed at 2 pm, but it was expected to open today.

According to FHP on the scene, engineers are coming up from Tampa to inspect the bridge.

As can be seen by the photos, yesterday at 12 pm the river was still colliding with the bridge steel.

Yesterday at 12 pm at the Santa Fe River bridge at U.S. 27.

 This afternoon at 12 pm the water was now passing under, instead of into the bridge.

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On June 21, 2017, EG wrote:

It is so great to see coverage of the roads, as well as solar power, during a time of such great need.  It is refreshing to see articles on issues that may affect all locals' lives rather than the fixation on the hospital authority and other minor things with local governments. The pending litigation between the Observer and the director of the hospital authority shines brightly, as does the disdain for certain elected officials, when the Observer becomes fixated on those individuals.

Thank you for the refreshing articles on natural disasters that affect us and on natural resources.


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