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Legislation Delegation on the Road: Wednesday 1 to 2:30 pm at Florida Gateway College

COLUMBIA COUNTY, FL – On Wednesday, January 4, 2017, the Columbia County Legislative Delegation will be on the road, reaching Columbia County at 1pm. Columbia County's homeless County 5 has never seen fit to build a municipal center with its own meeting room and will have to welcome the delegation at Florida Gateway College in the Administration Building #1.

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In the past, the delegation had met in the Court House, which is more centrally located and also maintains security.

Representative Elizabeth Porter, a former Columbia County Commissioner, will be heading the delegation. Also appearing will be Senator Rob Bradley.

In the past, the usual order of business has been to have the Constitutional Officers, including the Public Defender make their pitches to the delegation.

Next came citizens or organizations on the agenda.

Finally, citizens were recognized by the delegation.

At press time, it was not clear from the press release if citizens not on the agenda would be heard.

The Observer received the press release on December 30, 2016.



On the morning of January 3, the Observer was advised by the delegation's Chief of Staff, Koby Adams, that any citizen would be able to address the delegation. "All they have to do is show up and fill out a card. They also have the option of calling our office (386-719-4600) and we will be pleased to add them to the agenda," he said.

As of Tuesday morning, the local County officials signed up to speak are County Manager Ben Scott and Columbia County Sheriff Mark Hunter.

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