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Czar Power: New County Chair, Sylvester "Bucky" Nash's County Commissioner Appointments

COLUMBIA COUNTY, FL – Every year, based on the County Charter, the Columbia County 5 appoints a County Commission Chairperson. On December 3, The 5 elevated Commissioner Bucky Nash from the position of Vice Chair to Chairperson. In the civilized world, there are rules for Commission appointments to Boards and Committees. In Columbia County, the County Chairman invokes the "Feagle feel like it principle:" he or she appoints who they feel like.

The Chair is not obligated to explain his/her appointments, nor is the Chair obligated to ask for volunteers to serve on specific committees. The rest of The 5 do not have to approve the appointments.

The Civilized World

In Alachua County the process works like this:

a) A listing of previous-year appointments will be disseminated to the County Commission in advance of the appropriate meeting so that each Commissioner can determine his or her interest in serving on various board committees.

b) If there is no nominee or no volunteer or more than one volunteer for a vacancy, the Chair will appoint a Commissioner to serve. The Commission shall ratify the appointments to boards and committees.

In the land of The County 5 the process works like this

The County Chair, in this case, Commissioner Bucky Nash, appoints who he feels like.

Commissioner Nash's appointments are (by district):

Commissioner Williams

Tourist Development Council
Small County Coalition
North Florida Water Working Group
Non-Ad Valorem Assessments Adjustment Committee

Commissioner Rusty DePratter

Tourist Development Council
North Florida Economic Development Partnership
Sports Advisory Council
2015 Value Adjustment Board

Commissioner Nash appointed himself to the following

Economic Development Authority Board
Suwannee Valley Transit Authority
Local Disadvantaged Coordinating Board
911 Combined Communications Center Executive Committee

Commissioner Everett Phillips

Suwannee Valley Transit Authority
2015 Value Adjustment Board
Sports Advisory Council

Commissioner Scarlet Frisina

Florida Crown Workforce Development Board
Small County Coalition
North Central Florida Regional Planning Council
Florida Association of Counties
Ship Affordable Housing Advisory Committee

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