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The County 5: Another Last Minute Change to the Meeting Schedule

COLUMBIA COUNTY, FL – On May 21, 2015, County Administration rescheduled the regularly scheduled County Commission meetings of June 18 and July 2 "in order for the Commissioners to attend the Florida Association of Counties (FAC) Annual Conference." The FAC conference was held on June 16-19 at the Sawgrass Marriot, Ponte Vedra Beach, St. Johns County. It is unknown which commissioners attended. The FAC books conference facilities 3 to 5 years in advance and notifies its member counties "around the first of the year," according to FAC's Cragin Mosteller.

This year, the County 5 snuck the change in on its May 21 consent agenda and wouldn't have mentioned anything about it if your reporter hadn't asked the reason for the change. The consent item read: (25) BCC Administration – Approval of Resolution 2015R-7 – Changing the BOCC Meeting of June 18, 2015 & July 2, 2015 to June 22, 2015

The 5 did the same thing last year when it gave even shorter notice of the meeting change, 14 days, in a consent item that read: (10) Resolution Number 2014R-8 – Setting the Regular Scheduled Meetings of the Board of County Commissioners – June 19, 2014 Meeting and July 3, 2014 Meeting to Monday, June 23, 2014, 5:30 P.M.

In September of last year The 5 made another last minute change.

The change in the County 5 meeting schedule caught many people short, including the County Attorney, who had planned his family's vacation at that time.

County Commissioner Ronald Williams announced at Monday's County 5 meeting that there will be a report of the conference.

It is not clear if the County will be reporting who attended; what they attended; the cost to the taxpayers to send The 5 to the conference; or why it took them 5 months to change the meeting dates.


The Columbia County 5: another continuing example of the disregard for the people of Columbia County and beyond.

The 5's legend continues.

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