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Lake City Middle School Students Inducted Into Nat. Jr. Honor Society: Supt. and School Bd. MIA

Posted May 20, 2014  06:45 am

MIA from the Honor Society induction ceremony were the Superintendent and School Board.

COLUMBIA COUNTY, FL – At 6 pm last night the induction ceremony into the National Junior Honor Society began at the School Board Administrative Complex auditorium for the students from Lake City Middle School. The auditorium was filled with the students, their families, and teachers. Missing from the event were the Superintendent and the members of the School Board.

In addition to maintaining a cumulative average of 3.5, the inductees demonstrated excellence in scholarship, leadership, service, character and citizenship.

Standing in the last aisle, the Honor Society inductees take their oath as friends and family look on.

The National Junior Honor Society is the nation's premier organization established to recognize outstanding middle school students. The Center Grove Middle School in Greenwood, Indiana devoted a web page to the National Jr. Honor Society.

Columbia County's Lake City Middle School web site doesn't mention the National Jr. Honor Society or much about academics, but it does have a prominent graphic of football players.

The Observer asked one high ranking City official if they thought either the Superintendent or School Board, or at least a representative of the School Board should have been at the induction ceremony. The answer: "Sounds reasonable to me."

The new members of the National Junior Honor Society, certificates in hand, watch the closing remarks.

The Observer mentioned to the City Council that at the just concluded induction ceremony neither the Superintendent nor the School Board was represented.

City Councilwoman Melinda Moses, who is also the principal of the Niblack Elementary School, said, "During this time of year there are five million things – every night – five million things."

When Mayor Witt mentioned that Ms. Moses might be exaggerating, she said to a big laugh, "Four million things."

One parent of former Columbia County students said, "It may have not been necessary that the Superintendent be there, but it would have been nice."

One school district alumni (the 70's) said he thought it wasn't necessary.

One Florida resident from another state said, "Of course the Superintendent and a representative of the School Board should have been there – it's the Honor Society."

One parent of a Columbia County Middle School child that was inducted last year, said, "I think the Superintendent was there, although I really don't remember. If he wasn't, of course he should have been."

Columbia County legend, former coach and educator, Glynell Presley, told the Observer, "The Superintendent and the School Board are supposed to have the welfare of the children at heart; motivation starts at the top. They should have been there." 


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