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The A-7 Corsair's Columbia County Transformation: From Mold and Excrement to Glistening Paint?

Photoshopped or a miracle?

Posted May 19, 2014  12:35 pm

17 hours after the Observer photo appeared, the Lake City Reporter purportedly took the photo on the left. The A-7 is now glistening in the sunshine.                    +++ Click to enlarge

COLUMBIA COUNTY, FL – A miraculous transformation seems to have occurred between Thursday evening and Friday noon, when the formerly aircraft carrier based Navy A-7 Corsair fighter plane displayed along I-75 in Columbia County went from a mold and excrement covered, ignored aircraft to one that glistened in the sun. The Lake City Reporter, Lake City's daily print newspaper, the self proclaimed cheerleader for Columbia County, ran its purported Friday photo on Sunday.

Unanimous Vote To Dispose of a Piece Naval History, the A-7 Corsair Display Alongside of I-75

During last Thursday's meeting of the County 5, they decided to jettison the formerly aircraft carrier based A-7 back to the U.S. Defense Department for economic reasons.

Long time Columbia County, County Manager Dale Williams is now doing what he has done the past 30 years, covering up for his bosses, the Columbia County 5, Florida's legendary infamous county commission.


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