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Ted Yoho Town Hall Columbia County: The Congressman Impressed Supporters and Doubters

Posted April 22, 2014  07:35 am

15 minutes after the town hall had begun, Congressman Yoho took off his jacket and got down to business.

COLUMBIA COUNTY, FL – Last night Congressman Ted Yoho came to Columbia County. The audience was filled with supporters, fence straddles, doubters, and the curious who had never seen a real live United States Congressman. Congressman Yoho, a large animal veterinarian, had not spent his life at the public trough, worked his way through school and after becoming a veterinarian spent 28 years being one. He didn't like the direction America was taking and ran for congress. This November he is running for his second two year term.


Congressman Yoho pulled no punches and shot straight from the hip. There was no doubt about his position on the issues: No cuts for the military and no cuts in pay and pensions; military readiness is a top priority; in favor of the fair tax; in favor of the Keystone Pipeline; 75% of government spending is on auto pilot; in favor of the Ryan Budget




The Congressman had a friendly smile and was not confrontational. The audience left the event smiling and no one thought they had wasted their time by coming to hear the congressman.



Ralph Kitchens told the Observer, "Congressman Yoho showed respect for the president even though it was obvious that they disagreed on most issues."

This was a thought that was shared and appreciated by many as they left the event. 


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