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KrisAnne Hall in Lake City
A rock star for the Constitution

Last night, former Assistant State Attorney, KrisAnne Hall, who has become a rock star for the Constitution, played to a full house at the North Central Florida 9-12 Project. Her topic, "Introduction to the Bill of Rights: America's Heritage of Liberty." While it appeared that many had heard Ms. Hall give this talk before, it made no difference. They sat hanging on her every word, some folks with note pads in their laps.

A tour through history

Ms. Hall's passionate presentation began in 1066 and wove its way through the Church, the Magna Carta, the Founding Fathers, the Declaration of Independence, the role of women in the nation's fight for liberty, and the Boston Tea Party.

Ms. Hall brought the conversation up to date discussing the Patriot Act and the "four little old ladies," librarians in Connecticut, who fought the Patriot Act.

Ms. Hall asked, "Have you read the Declaration of Independence?" Not many hands were raised.

She read from the list of grievances in the Declaration and said that the founders used strong words, such as "subvert and extirpate", because liberty has such great value.

She mentioned, "Creating laws outside the body that is designed to create laws" and "Subverting creating and suspending laws without the parliament."

"We have a common theme here, don't we?"

She asked, "We have a common theme here, don't we ladies and gentleman?"

She said, "Our founding fathers went to war because of liberty." And, "Our founding fathers drew upon their history in liberty to give us ours."

She explained that the founding fathers did this for millions not yet born, (read the quotes as boxes change in the link), not because they had a whim, but because they did it based on experience."

Outstretching her arms, Ms. Hall asked, "Haven't we looked at the past and seen the present? The same tricks come up over and over again... It is time for us to go back and read the words of our founding fathers."

The animated Ms. Hall was optimistic.

She said, "We have seen for a thousand years liberty always wins and that we are not going to give it away."

A theme throughout her talk was that folks who knew the value of liberty would not easily let it slip away.

Ms. Hall concluded, "We will have a better nation than when we started, because we have a thousand year history of victory... There are a thousand years of victory in liberty."

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