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Legislative Delegation coming to Lake City
Thurs - 9:00am in the court house - mark your calendar

The 2008 legislative delegation. Left to right: Rep Leonard Bembry, Sen. Charlie Dean, Rep Debbie Boyd (this year - Rep Elizabeth Porter) and Sen Steve Oelrich. Sen Oelrich got the word out with plenty of time this year. He said, "Our democracy thrives on citizen participation."

State Senator Steve Oelrich (R-Cross Creek) announced today [Nov. 30] that the annual legislative delegation hearing for Columbia County has been scheduled for Thursday, December 16th from 9:00 am until Noon.

Kudos to State Senator Steve Oelrich and his staff for getting the word out with plenty of time.

Senator Oelrich, Senator Charlie Dean, Representative Elizabeth Porter and Representative Leonard Bembry represent the citizens of Columbia County in the Florida Legislature.  

Each year, the delegation holds a public hearing in order to provide local officials and the public an opportunity to discuss any issues of interest or concern with their legislators.  “It’s very beneficial to the delegation to hear from local residents about issues impacting their lives – especially at a time when we need to prioritize spending and make really tough decisions that affect so many people,” said Oelrich.  “Our democracy thrives on citizen participation.”

 The hearing will be held in a third floor courtroom at the Columbia County Courthouse in Lake City.

For additional information or to be placed on the agenda, please contact the office of State Senator Steve Oelrich at (352)375-3555.

Contact:  Tonya Shays, Legislative Assistant                 (352)375-3555

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