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DePratter and Boyd make last stand at 9-12 Project
Part II – Rep Debbie Boyd

Debbie Boyd
Rep Debbie Boyd

This past Thursday evening, October 28th, Representative Debbie Boyd, candidate for State Representative, District 11, appeared for the last time before the public in Columbia County to make her presentation and answer questions.

Defending her seat in the Florida State House, Newberry's "down home girl" showed the polish of two terms of experience.

Representative Debbie Boyd

Representative Boyd's introduction could have been taken right off her campaign literature. She began:

I just want to tell you a little bit about my background

I am a sixth generation Floridian.

I've been involved in agriculture all my life.

I really enjoy the job that I was elected to do and it has been my honor to serve you, the people of our district.

What matters is that I listen to my constituents.

I said yes to putting our citizens back to work.

I sponsored a bill this year that would help create jobs for North-Central Florida.

I said yes to protecting our water and keeping our water in North-Central Florida.

The "inflamed masses"

Rep. Boyd's advertisements quote Elizabeth Porter calling folks "inflamed masses."

The real story

     Miss Porter's remarks were made when she was a Columbia County Commissioner and were made as a result of folks coming to a budget hearing and complaining about their taxes.
     When Ms. Porter, the Commission Chairperson, was questioned about why the County Commission never listened to the taxpayers, Ms Porter's response was that the County Commission knew best and it was not its job to listen to the public when they acted like inflamed masses.
     In Columbia County the "inflamed masses" don't attend budget hearings anymore.

During her conversation Rep Boyd said, "I'm not going to tell you I know something if I don't."

Judy Thacken commented about circuitous route bills travel through the Florida Legislature and the difficulty understanding the Florida Administrative Code.

Rep Boyd attempted to explain the process.

The Observer asked about the much hyped Inland Port and job creation.

Rep Boyd: "My very small part was to designate less than a square mile an Enterprise Zone."

Rep Boyd explained that she understood there would be 300 jobs created.

Sharon Higgins
Sharon Higgins

Sharon Higgins asked about establishing an e-mail list so that folks would know what was going on.

Representative Boyd said that her staff was working on a data base.

One gentleman asked how one finds out about what's going on in the legislature.

Rep Boyd said she thought the best way was to search for a bill by its number using the Internet.

John Knapp mentioned that Rep Boyd said that Ms. Porter called folks "enraged masses" and that he was one of them.

 Mr. Knapp asked Ms. Boyd if anyone in Tallahassee ever thought of not passing bills for a while and instead going back "to look at the junk they have been passing for the last 15 years."

Dorman Clayton, Jr. asks a question
Ms. Boyd took on all questions. Dorman Clayton, Jr. asks about jobs.

Rep Boyd: "Your point is well taken and I tend to agree with that."

Mr. Dorman Clayton, Jr. asked: "What can you do to bring jobs and business into Florida?

Rep Boyd: "I'm working on making the 14 counties in north-central Florida more competitive by regulatory reform and I have supported legislation to help with that."

One person said that government is trying to regulate every aspect of our lives and asked, "Is there any way to cut back on that?"

Debbie BoydRep Boyd said this could be done by cutting funding and said that if you took away the money this would help to alleviate some of the problem.

The Observer mentioned that Florida has the highest rate of Federal indictments of public officials in the country and that it doesn't seem that Florida can keep its own house clean. "Do you have any idea why there's so much public corruption in the state of Florida?"

Rep Boyd: "You've got me there. I have no idea why there is so much public corruption. All I know is that I keep my nose clean."

Representative Boyd concluded by asking folks to vote for her and thanking the 912 Project for the opportunity to be there.

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