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Local Election Results
Columbia County/Lake City

The candidates and the numbers in chart/graph format, sorted alphabetically by race are below.

The primaries are over and it is now time to get back to reporting the important news of
Columbia County. News that is generally not available in the Columbia County "Good Old Boy"

To my fellow candidates in County Commission District 2 that didn't do as well as you would
have liked, congratulations on a clean, well fought race - minus a couple of exceptions by the
Weaver Candidate. The Observer will be watching and reporting on this race for County
Commissioner - District 2.

And to my new friend, Leo Fleming - a candidate for District 2, with whom I spent 12 hours in
the parking lot at the Fort White Community Center on Tuesday: You worked for over a year
knocking on doors and for thirty years coaching yours and other peoples children. That is a fine
legacy and something to be proud of. In the scheme of things, loosing an election doesn't mean
much compared to the benefit you have given to the Fort White community. Keep that winning
smile and keep the faith Leo. You did just fine and I was glad to have met you. Stew Lilker Pub/ed

STATE REP DIST 11 REP (Total Precincts: 19 Reported Precincts: 19 100%) Total: 4,175
Elizabeth Porter2,982(71.4%)
Terry Rauch393(9.41%)
Charles E. Underhill221(5.29%)
Paul Watson579(13.8%)
CO COMM DIST 2 (Total Precincts: 4 Reported Precincts: 4 100%) Total: 1,980
Cedric L. Davis 266 (13.4%)
Rusty DePratter779(39.3%)
Leo Fleming243(12.2%)
Marc Kazmierski479(24.1%)
Stew Lilker213(10.7%)
CO COMM DIST 4 (Total Precincts: 5 Reported Precincts: 5 100%) Total: 2,072
Stephen E. Bailey1,061(51.2%)
Toby Witt1,011(48.7%)
LAKE CITY COUNCIL D 10 (Total Precincts: 2 Reported Precincts: 2 100%) Total: 541
Adee Farmer71(13.1%)
Tammy Perry Harris35(6.46%)
Eugene Jefferson377(69.6%)
Clarence Tucker Jr.58(10.7%)