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Observer begins new agenda service

Pub/ed Stew LilkerBecause good government is everybody's business, the Columbia County Observer is pleased to announce its new agenda service.

As Lake City has moved forward with new management, new ideas and "yes" they do make mistakes, and their now famous Sunshine Girls, Columbia County seems to be digging in, clinging to old ideas, old ways, and the good old boy cronyism and corruption that has made Columbia County a legend in Florida and beyond, while at the same time stifling and threatening county employees that really want to do a good job serving the public.

Now, always to be found on the top right on the home page, in boxes with a green outline, will be meeting dates and links to the agendas of the meetings that will be of interest to you. Agenda updates will generally be posted by the next morning, as they are made available.

The Columbia County Commission will continue to be extensively followed and "red flagged" items in the agendas will usually have comments explaining the flags. The idea is that the flags will become unnecessary as the County Commission grasps the concept that they are public servants, here to serve the public, and not the other way around.

The County's heightened "Hail Mary" way of adding agenda items to meetings, without notice, has now journeyed beyond the pale and will be extensively covered. While problematic in the past, the election of Jack Berry protégé, Jody DuPree, has kicked off a new era in this surreptitious process, which he began with the "Florida Crown Affair," and has become more like a plague.

It has been said that "Transparency is the currency of Democracy." The Observer hopes you find the agenda update service valuable and enhances your role as a citizen. Stew Lilker - pub/ed