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Commissioner DuPree too lazy to park in parking lot

Columbia County Commissioner Jody DuPree again demonstrated his arrogance and lack of regard for sound public policy by parking his truck on the lawn of the School Board Administration building, instead of in the parking lot during the July 22nd budget work shop.

75 feet away was all the parking Commissioner DuPree could want.It is unknown exactly why Mr. DuPree felt it necessary to park on the grass with many empty parking spaces seventy five feet away and room in the superintendent’s lot where the Sheriff’s car was parked.



The DuPree logo expandedMr. DuPree, who seems to feel that he can say, do or get whatever he wants in Columbia County, needs to explain why is was so important for him to park on the grass.

To use Mr. DuPree’s primary word,” This just ain’t nice.